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Top tips to demeanour after your outpost (sponsored)

When we deposit in a business, we don’t usually wish a good lapse on your money; we need a good return. That’s because it pays to investigate your outpost squeeze by reading a decisive reviews here on Auto Express and, when you’ve motionless on a car that’s best for you, because it pays to emporium around.

That’s usually half a story, though. Once you’ve bought your van, it not usually transports your essential deliveries or collection around, though it’s also a relocating advert for your business, and it can still be value good income when we come to sell. So naturally we need to demeanour after it as best we can.

To assistance expostulate we down a right road, we asked Carl Miller, Business Development Manager for Renault Aftersales and Fleet Activities, for an insider’s beam to gripping your outpost in tip-top shape.

Carl’s list includes things we can do as a driver/owner, as good as useful reminders about how a right aftersales support can make all a disproportion to safeguarding your investment.

1. Daily walkaround

Two mins is all it takes to travel around a outpost each morning for a visible inspection, reckons Carl, permitting we to check tyre treads, lax circle nuts, bodywork and fluids. “It’s always a good thought to check a washer liquid so we can keep a transparent windscreen, and visually check coolant levels, AdBlue® and oil,” he says. “It might be a duty when we don’t find anything out of a ordinary, though it can save we large bills when we do.”

2. Tyres

Check tyre pressures weekly, says Carl, and we won’t risk disproportionate or fast tyre wear that can start surprisingly fast when pressures are out. Most Renault Pro+ vans have a choice of a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – so if it’s propitious to yours, make certain we know how to use it. Whether we expostulate your car heavily brimful or light, check a owner’s primer (the scold pressures for your car can be found inside a driver’s doorway sill), and adjust a pressures accordingly. Too small vigour when a outpost is brimful can means overheating and blow-outs.

3. Fuel

With complicated fuel sign read-outs mostly giving a countdown in miles to an dull tank, it’s unequivocally easy to expostulate around on small some-more than smoke before stuffing adult again. But Carl recommends we don’t let a needle get many next a entertain on a gauge. “There’s mostly an component of lees during a bottom of a tank,” he says, “which creates a fuel siphon work harder and can retard a fuel filter. Over time this can means a miss of opening and eventually disaster of a pump, so your outpost will be off a road.”

4. Keep it clean

Washing your car frequently will assistance to stir your clients, and a unwashed outpost could simply deter intensity new business from job a phone numbers you’ve had sign-written on a sides. But gripping a outpost purify pays dividends in other ways. Protecting and polishing a paint will do wonders for a used value of your outpost when it’s time to sell, while Carl says soaking a underbody areas will assistance to mislay erosive materials like highway salts, and potentially also exhibit repairs that needs to be bound before it becomes a vital issue.

5. Drive carefully…

You won’t usually keep your word premiums down if we expostulate delicately and say a purify licence, Carl points out; you’ll also get improved fuel economy. In addition, a Renault consultant says clever pushing takes many of a aria and highlight out of a van’s automatic components, so they final longer. Many of Carl’s swift clients put drivers by courses to emphasize a value of good driving. “Just something as elementary as creation certain we always put a outpost in neutral during trade lights will assistance to extend a life of a gearbox and clutch,” he says.

On a theme of motorist habits, it’s also value deliberation a speed limiter as an option, saving fuel and highlight on a engine. Driver poise can impact bodywork as well. “Don’t impact side and behind doors, and safeguard all runners are lubricated to minimise a risk of doors jumping off them,” says Carl. “Don’t risk repairs that will cost we in tools and time off a road.”

6. Loading

“Overloading your outpost can means a series of problems,” warns Carl. “Not usually complicated fuel consumption, though a miss of fortitude while driving, too many highlight on a axles and an boost in braking distances poise a personal risk to we as a driver,” he says.

“Vans should be installed so that their limit weights – including axles that are hammered on their marker plates (inside a driver’s doorway sill) – are not exceeded. Load should always be cumulative safely regulating a suitable strapping, and this is because we offer adult to 14 lashing points in a Kangoo, adult to 18 on a Trafic and adult to 10 on a Master depending on version!”

7. Garage checks/servicing

Most people bashful divided from visiting a garage outward a use schedule, though it can compensate dividends when your car is a salvation for your business. “Participating Renault dealers, including all Renault Pro+ Business Centres, offer giveaway health checks each 12 weeks to safeguard your outpost is kept in roadworthy condition and small problems don’t spin into large ones,” says Carl. “It’s simply requisitioned with your internal play and should usually take 15 mins or so.”

8. Insist on peculiarity parts

Ensuring a outpost is serviced frequently is apparently undeniably important, both to strengthen your guaranty though also to encourage any destiny customer who we wish to compensate tip cost for your van. But can we pledge it’s being propitious with a right peculiarity tools and that a scold oils are being used? The wrong choices in possibly dialect can lead to costly failures or extreme – even potentially inauspicious – engine wear. “Main play servicing and upkeep is always going to meant you’re granted with tools and oils of accurately a scold specification,” says Carl.


            As with many things in life, a some-more bid we put into looking after your van, a larger a reward. You’ll be paid behind with larger economy, trustworthiness and aloft residual value during sale time. It’s not rocket science, though as Carl’s tips prove, there’s really copiousness to consider about. The bottom line is simple, he says. “Be good to your van, and it will be good to you.”

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