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The destiny of Renault vans suggested during a IAA Show (sponsored)

Renault has suggested a destiny prophesy of civic smoothness and mobility during a 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany. The EZ-PRO Concept answers a doubt of how businesses can optimise a smoothness of products and services autonomously in undiluted civic areas in a year 2030 and beyond, and is partial of Renault’s pioneering investigate into what destiny mobility will demeanour like in low-emissions zones opposite a globe.

With studies estimating that adult to 70 per cent of a world’s race will be vital in vast cities and civic areas by 2030, Renault has looked during a need for integrated travel and smoothness solutions in these locations, as they will be vicious for destiny trade flow, wickedness and a peculiarity of life for people vital in civic areas. The all-electric EZ-PRO Concept spearheads Renault’s prophesy of how destiny smoothness systems will work, and puts Renault during a forefront of modernized civic mobility investigate and development.

EZ-PRO comprises a set of unconstrained pods that can be connected together with a personality pod to emanate an civic smoothness procession that minimises a impact of smoothness vehicles on a civic environment. Renault’s goal is to reinstate vans and lorries with a EZ-PRO Concept, assisting to revoke city emissions and cut down on a series of vehicles indispensable to finish smoothness tasks.

The lead pod facilities a cab for a chairman to lay in. But instead of being a driver, they are deliberate a concierge. That’s since a lead pod is unconstrained and can make a possess approach along a pre-programmed route, and this allows a concierge to combine on other tasks. This includes handling a designed smoothness schedule, while they can also yield a personal use for deliveries, rather than withdrawal business to their possess inclination when a pod arrives to dump off a package.

Behind a lead pod are a set of robo pods that follow a lead vehicle. These flay separate off to their possess destinations once they are within range. Once a smoothness is completed, a robo pod will join behind adult with a lead pod, prepared to lapse to base.

The pods themselves are designed to maximize space, though also underline organic styling that helps to confederate them within their environment. The well-spoken lines, penned by Renault Design Director Laurens outpost basement Acker and his team, are designed to be easy on a eye, nonetheless with 12 cubic metres of space inside, there’s adequate room for roughly all civic smoothness needs. At 4.8 metres long, a EZ-PRO pods are some-more compress than a lorry or vast van, while four-wheel steering means they’re some-more agile, too. If a robo pod is stuck, afterwards it has switchable pushing lights that concede it to expostulate retrograde as good as forwards.

Renault has combined dual robo pod concepts, with a second investigate converting a pod into a mobile coffee stand. The judgment behind this is that a robo pod creates a possess approach to a plcae from a executive depot, while a barista heads to a same plcae from home. Once there, a pod is prepared to be used for a day, or it can be changed to a new plcae formed on demand. Once a operative day is done, a barista goes home, and a pod heads behind to bottom to be restocked for a subsequent day.

While a EZ-PRO Concept demonstrates Renault’s prophesy of a future, some of a record it uses is already here. The 100% electric Renault Pro+ Master Z.E. – also on arrangement during Hanover – already uses electric expostulate for last-mile deliveries with 0 tailpipe emissions. Meanwhile, a Master’s on-board telematics systems assistance swift managers to guard a plcae of their vans during all times and assistance with track planning, scheduled charging and upkeep stops.

Renault’s Pro+ electric outpost operation is finished by a Kangoo Z.E. 33 and single-seat Twizy Cargo, while a full Renault Pro+ operation is also benefaction during Hanover. This includes a compress Kangoo and mid-sized Trafic row vans, as good as converted versions of both a Trafic and a Master, including Chassis Cab and Luton LoLoader variants.

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