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New 2018 MS-RT Ford Transit Custom review

We’re large fans of a Ford Transit Custom here during Auto Express, and while many companies that cgange a UK’s best-selling outpost do so for unsentimental purposes, there’s one organisation that is aiming to make a Transit Custom a some-more appealing appurtenance to buyers wanting a outpost that stands out from a crowd.

We’ve already gifted and been tender by a work of MS-RT with a singular book Transit Custom R Spec, though now with a facelifted Transit Custom in showrooms, MS-RT has combined a new bodykit to element a updated van. Even improved is a fact that this special Transit Custom is now offering around comparison central Transit Centres opposite a UK.

But there’s a lot some-more to a MS-RT Transit Custom than usually flashier looks. You do get that, with a front finish pattern that takes a cues from a Ford Fiesta World Rally Car run by MS-RT’s co-founder Malcolm Wilson and his M-Sport team, though a customary of finish for a in-house designed and made bumpers, side skirts, back wing and diffuser-style fender is so good you’d consider they were OEM parts.

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MS-RT has taken a event of a updated Transit Custom to redesign a bodykit it offers, while a company’s group of upholsterers have combined a bespoke leather interior for a van, too. There’s also a immaculate steel dull complement in development, while a same OZ wheels and Eibach cessation tools are used, that is another tie-in with a Fiesta WRCs run by M-Sport.

MS-RT Ford Transit Custom back quarter

The outcome is a outpost that looks sporty, while a interior delivers a turn of comfort that would’ve been unheard of in a Transit not even 5 years ago. There are a accumulation of chair finishes on offer, though a part-leather and Alcantara trim of a exam outpost was faultless, that is full credit to a in-house MS-RT group and a hand-finishing process. Also enclosed is a new flat-bottomed steering circle that’s hand-stitched and feels tasty to hold.

As a MS-RT indication is formed on Limited spec, it gets a decent volume of kit, and a upgrades that Ford has combined as partial of a Custom’s facelift give this chronicle an even some-more upmarket feeling. Adding a Sync3 sat-nav infotainment complement usually adds to a reward feel, while selecting a Double Cab In-Van chronicle in MS-RT spec creates a Transit Custom an intriguing choice to a family SUV or MPV.

On a road, a MS-RT upgrades assistance a Transit Custom feel improved tied down when pushing with a bucket area empty. There’s reduction rebound from a back finish over bumps, while a multiple of 18-inch wheels and customary Hankook Ventus S1 tyres means there’s copiousness of hold to spare, and it manages to emphasize a customary Transit Custom’s existent pointy handling. The usually downside on a outpost we tested was a somewhat restive low-speed ride.

Prices for a MS-RT Transit Custom start from £32,995 for a Panel Van, that comes in brief or prolonged wheelbases and with possibly a tailgate or stable doors during a rear. Power for this indication comes from Ford’s 170PS Ecoblue diesel, while six-speed primer or Powershift automobile boxes are available. The Double Cab In-Van chronicle starts from £34,495 and comes with a same operation of physique and gearbox options.

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