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Holiday on hydrogen with a Mercedes Concept Sprinter F-CELL camper van

Mercedes has suggested a new showcase for a F-CELL hydrogen record in a figure of a Concept Sprinter F-CELL camper van. The investigate is formed on a tractor conduct various of a latest award-winning Sprinter van, and is propitious with a customary camper outpost acclimatisation physique over a hi-tech expostulate system.

The record in this special Sprinter is a growth of that already seen in a Mercedes GLC F-CELL, and like that model, energy comes from a fuel dungeon smoke-stack that sits underneath a carp where a diesel engine would routinely be. The electricity it creates is afterwards sent to a rear-mounted electric engine and transmission, that creates 197bhp.

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Where a Sprinter F-CELL differs from a GLC chronicle is a volume of hydrogen it can carry. There are 3 tanks underneath a building and a fourth during a rear, that mix to concede it to lift 8.4kg of hydrogen, giving this camper a intensity operation of 310 miles of zero-emissions driving. The Sprinter F-CELL also has a battery container – identical to a one found in a stirring eSprinter, that can give an additional 19 miles of range.

Another advantage of a hydrogen fuel complement is that users will no longer need to find an outmost energy supply to energy a mod cons customarily found in a camper van. Instead, a electricity used to expostulate a Sprinter can also be used to energy a fridge, cooker and feverishness H2O for an on-board shower. That means users will no longer find it required to representation adult in a campsite and onslaught with prolongation leads to get energy to their mobile home.

Of course, a large emanate with a Concept Sprinter F-CELL is to do with a miss of infrastructure to go with a hydrogen fuel dungeon technology. With reduction than a handful of stuffing stations in a UK, this camper will be a niche choice, if Mercedes decides to put it into production.

Will hydrogen powered campervans ever locate on? Let us know your perspective in a comments…

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