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Brabus boosts Mercedes X-Class pick-up to 208bhp

While we’re used to Brabus tuning Mercedes’ fastest saloons and SUVs (and a occasional Smart), it has now incited a courtesy to a X-Class pick-up truck. Its enhancements request styling and interior tweaks – and what a organisation calls a ‘D4 PowerXtra opening upgrade’ – to a X 250 d.

The many apparent extraneous change in a tranformation from Mercedes to Brabus X-Class are a wheels: in place of a unchanging 17- or 18-inch equipment are a set of twin seven-spoke rims, 20 inches in diameter. The wheels are complemented – a word used with counsel – by a outrageous Brabus trademark on a nose, a chunkier mountain for a front series plate, and quad tailpipes.

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To supplement serve threat to a Brabus X-Class, a span of LED light bars, that rivet on full beam, are propitious along a roof.

Brabus X-Class interior seats

Inside, a seats can be embellished in roughly any shade or character of leather that Brabus business desire. The residue of a cabin is customary to a X-Class, save for aluminium pedals and a set of branded immaculate steel damage plates.

Brabus has tinkered with a 250’s ECU to remove an additional 20bhp from a 2.3-litre turbodiesel engine. A sum of 208bhp isn’t accurately adequate to renovate a X-Class into a Brabus Rocket – a 11.5-second 0-62mph time is 0.3 seconds faster than a X 250 d – though rise torque has risen to 510Nm. That’s a 60Nm alleviation and one that will be many conspicuous when towing or lifting complicated loads.

For those wishing for a small some-more power, Brabus will shortly be operative a sorcery on a soon-to-be-launched X 350d. With 254bhp and 550Nm as standard, it has a intensity to be a severely fast workhorse.

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