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What is an HPI check?

A HPI or automobile story check is a use intensity automobile buyers use to find out if a automobile has any superb finance, mileage discrepancies or even if it’s an word write-off. If we do buy a automobile with a dark past, we could be strike with a vast check to put problems right or worse, we could remove a automobile all together. It is for this reason that many experts suggest profitable for an HPI story check to revoke a chances of being ripped off.

Much like many things these days, there are giveaway checkers online, that can go a prolonged approach to uncovering a vehicle’s history. However, to check a car’s story as entirely as possible, we will need to pay.

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Companies such as AA, RAC, Auto Trader, and HPI all offer such services, though it doesn’t matter that provider we choose, they are colloquially referred to as a ‘HPI checks’. The categorical reason for this is given HPI Ltd has been providing automobile checks in a UK for scarcely 80 years. So what does your £15 to £20 investment in an HPI check cover?

The HPI check: what’s included?


Not many people realize a HPI check has been in place given approach behind in 1938 – half a century or so before a emergence of computerised databases. It was introduced to opposite a fraud of cars being refinanced and sole on by unethical owners, withdrawal gullible purchasers out of slot and holding a keys to a automobile that indeed still belonged to a financial company.

The HPI Check association combined military stolen automobile information to a hunt only after WWII, and extended a strech serve in a 1980s by adding pile-up story information granted by word companies.

These days, with ever-more info stored online, HPI claims a check accesses 80 opposite information points to assistance make certain you’re new automobile comes with no dark surprises. When we compensate for a automobile story report, it will yield information in a following areas:

HPI automobile story check checklist

  • Outstanding financial and/or logbook loans – have all a debts opposite a car, or debts in that a automobile was used as security, been paid off? If not, it still belongs to a financial company.
  • Write-offs – has a automobile formerly been categorised as an A, B, C, D, S or N write-off by an insurer.
  • Theft – has a automobile been available as stolen on a Police National Computer.
  • Mileage – HPI’s possess mileage register binds 200+ million speedo readings.
  • Previous owners – HPI can tell we how many prior owners a automobile has, pleasantness of a DVLA database.
  • Number image changes – again harvested from a DVLA records.
  • VIN/Chassis numbers – allows we to available check engine and framework numbers opposite those on a automobile itself.
  • Scrapped vehicles – as with Cat A and B word write-offs, we don’t wish a automobile that shouldn’t even be on a road.
  • Imported/exported vehicles – cars built for unfamiliar markets can be harder to protection or repair, while cars purebred as exported shouldn’t be for sale here during all.
  • MoT status – is that MoT certificate you’ve been shown genuine?
  • Road tax/Fuel costs – formed on a CO2 emissions, you’ll get a highway taxation cost and an estimated cost of fuel over 12,000 miles.

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What doesn’t a HPI Check tell you?

While a check will endorse how many prior owners a automobile has, it won’t tell we who those owners were – so in that clarity it won’t assistance we investigate additional sum of a car’s history.

The HPI Check doesn’t yield sum of any prior accidents or a use story either. So unless we are shopping a Category A, B, C, D, S or N write-off, you’ll need to rest on a seller – or your visible investigation – to tell we that.

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Our recommendation on automobile story checks

With all that information during your fingertips, and given it’s supposing during a comparatively low price, it unequivocally is a fake economy not to compensate for a automobile story check. Unless, of course, we are shopping secretly from somebody with a automobile we already know good – or if you’re shopping from a used automobile dealer, when we can pretty direct they yield a giveaway HPI Check for you.

Have we ever bought a automobile and wished after that you’d finished an HPI check? Tell us about it in a comments…

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