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What are xenon headlights and how do they work?

Xenon headlights, in a identical conform to halogens, get their name from a gas used inside a bulb. The duty of a gas however, is totally opposite – the gas is critical in a prolongation of light, rather than only prolonging a lifespan of a strand as in a halogen bulb.

How do xenon lights work?

As mentioned above, xenon lights are a really opposite from halogens and can be recognized on a highway interjection to a blue paint they give off. They use an electric arc between dual electrodes rather than a strand to furnish light, and are mostly referred to as high-intensity liberate (HID) lights. Xenon gas is used as it helps settle an arc between a electrodes (and hence emanate light) during reduce temperatures, though becomes reduction critical when a tuber is adult to temperature.

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UK laws surrounding HID xenon bulbs

According to a minute of UK law, HID xenon lights are not permitted. However, European form capitulation regulations do concede them, and therefore they contingency be authorised on EU cars purebred in a UK.

There is a identical conditions when converting a automobile from halogen to xenon units. The Department for Transport takes a perspective that a sale and use of aftermarket HID lighting kits is illegal, though due to a European regulations mentioned above, creates expectations. While anyone looking to modify to xenons should lift out severe research, a key points to cruise are:

  • • The headlamp contingency be form authorized by a supplier
  • • The headlamp contingency have self cleaning and self-levelling capabilities
  • • And finally, it contingency be confirmed scrupulously (as with any other headlamp) 

Xenon lights pros and cons 


• Lifespan. Xenon bulbs can final adult to 10 years, creation for good square of mind.
• Brightness. As high power liberate would suggest, xenon lights are brighter than there halogen counterparts


• Cost. if we are shopping a used automobile that has xenon lights and is entrance adult on 10 years old, good deputy units aren’t scarcely as inexpensive as we would hope.
• Not as appetite fit as LED units

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