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What are halogen headlights and how do they work?

Halogen headlights are named after a organisation of elements (the halogens) that are used inside them. In a bulb, a primary duty of a halogen gas is extend a life of a tungsten strand – but some-more on that later.  

They aren’t only renouned in a automotive world, however, as they have been used in homes and travel lamps for over half a decade. That said, non-directional domicile halogen light bulbs are now criminialized in a EU due to their bad appetite potency when compared to LED bulbs.

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How do halogen lights work?

Halogens are one of a oldest forms of bulbs we would design to find on a new automobile sole in a UK. They work in a identical conform to bulbs we would have seen in houses during a black and white times, definition they include of a potion bowl, strand and gas, and when stream is upheld by a strand it gives off light (and a vast volume of heat).

They are called halogens as halogen gas is used to assistance forestall a tungsten strand being dumped on a potion and blackening a aspect of a potion – meaning a tuber stays brighter for longer.

Halogen lights pros and cons


  • • Cheap
  • • Easy to reinstate in a eventuality of failure


  • • Poor appetite efficiency, impacting economy
  • • Life cycle not as prolonged as LEDs are likely to last

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