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Van conversions: bespoke outpost modifications explained

There are copiousness of vans on a market, though infrequently buyers need a tailor-made resolution for their business needs. That’s where a outpost acclimatisation marketplace comes into play. Conversions take simple vans and fit them out with bespoke kits to make them suitable for all sorts of jobs. These conversions can come in many shapes and forms, from flatbed pickups and tippers to camper vans and refrigerated vans.

While DIY conversions are available, if you’re shopping a new outpost with skeleton to modify it for your business, afterwards a veteran designation is a distant improved solution. These conversions are accessible from a accumulation of sources, nonetheless your outpost play will have endorsed acclimatisation companies that they understanding with. The advantage of a latter is that these conversions will be authorized by a manufacturer, and a van’s existent guaranty should sojourn intact. Whatever ideas a outpost customer has for a conversion, there’s expected to be a resolution on sale that will fit roughly each bespoke need.

Van header tipper, luton and pick-up

Looking during a acclimatisation market, there are radically dual forms available: outpost conversions for business and outpost conversions for a convenience industry. Business conversions cover a extended spectrum of bespoke requirements, and opposite manufacturers have opposite solutions available. Some makers offer framework cab variants of their vans that are designed to have a bespoke behind territory added, while other conversions fit additional apparatus (such as refrigeration) within a existent outpost physique to boost versatility.

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Conversions for a convenience attention concentration around campervans, that will supplement a fold-out bed or beds and a tiny cooking and cleaning territory to an existent van, nonetheless some companies can go to good lengths to make a campervan that has as many home amenities as a caravan. Some conversions can also be tailored to lift outside equipment, such as bikes, windsurf rigging or canoes, safely and securely.

Whatever we need, there is certain to be a tailor-made resolution accessible for everybody. Below is a outline of a many common outpost conversions on offer.


Volkswagen Dropside van

One common acclimatisation for vans is a dropside. This is a form of pick-up, and it facilities an aluminium bed behind a categorical physique with sides that unlatch and can be forsaken so a bed can be installed with apparatus or materials. It’s customarily offering as a various of singular or double framework cab vans, and many models are formed on vast vans, such as a Ford Transit, Citroen Relay, Fiat Ducato, Iveco Daily and Mercedes Sprinter. One difference is Volkswagen, that offers a dropside various of a vast Crafter and a mid-sized T6 Transporter, while Renault offers a same with a Trafic and Master framework cabs.

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Most dropsides underline latches that clear a sides of a bed and they are hinged so that they simply dump down and hang while we bucket up. In addition, there are reserve catches that forestall a sides from apropos unlatched on a move, while many dropside conversions underline a removable behind panel, that customarily won’t be henceforth trustworthy to a bed and can be taken off completely.


Peugeot Tipper van

The tipper acclimatisation is a movement on a dropside, as it customarily includes a same facilities as a dropside body, though with a combined advantage of a hydraulic impel that can lift and reduce a bucket bed to unpack it faster. Like a Tipper, this is a acclimatisation many ordinarily seen on vast vans like a Transit, nonetheless rather singly Toyota offers this acclimatisation on framework cab versions of a Hilux pick-up.

A tipper will underline reserve locks, both automatic and electronic, that meant a outpost can't be driven with a bucket bed in a lifted position, while an heard warning will also be sounded if a tipper is in motion. These systems run off a van’s energy supply, so that’s presumably around a battery or with a engine running.

Some makers also offer 3-way tippers. These are hinged from side-to-side as good as to a rear, creation it easier to unpack their bucket from a roadside though carrying to park awkwardly to dump your load.

Box van

Renault Box vans explained

The box outpost is a smaller expansion of a box truck, and facilities a large, block enclosure bolted to a behind of a singular cab framework van. The advantage of this is that a box (usually formed on pre-fabricated aluminium frame) is regularly square, with no wheelarch intrusion, so there’s a limit volume of space available. Access is customarily around a drum shiver door, while a hydraulic tail lift can be combined to assistance entrance to a bucket area.

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Like a tipper, a box outpost is ordinarily combined to vast vans, as it’s a good halt resolution between a outpost and a 7.5 tonne truck, nonetheless a vast volume of apparatus they can lift means we need to be clever that a van’s Mass In Transit doesn’t surpass a 3.5-tonne limit that users with a customary pushing looseness are authorised to operate.

A renouned movement on a box outpost is a screen side, that replaces a sides of a box with vinyl fate that slip open to entrance a bucket area.


Citroen Luton van

A Luton outpost is one that facilities a high box physique that extends over a cab. The name Luton comes from a city in Bedfordshire, though there’s no tie with a fact that Vauxhall builds a vans there. In fact, Vauxhall doesn’t sell a Movano Luton, we have to go with Ford, Citroen or Renault if we wish a manufacturer-built Luton van, nonetheless aftermarket firms will do their possess conversions.

Like a box van, these models are formed on singular cab versions of vast vans with additional space combined over a cab area. Just like a box van, a lifted tallness of a Luton bodywork over a cab means we need to be some-more wakeful of tallness restrictions than in a required vast van.


Flatbed outpost brokendown car

The flatbed outpost is a niche acclimatisation that comes in dual styles. The initial is accurately as described – a large, prosaic row done with an aluminium support and hardwood building that’s designed to take a large, complicated object that doesn’t pierce or need to be stable from a elements.

The other form is designed to support for relapse services or plant sinecure companies. These are a special sequence product, and supplement a prosaic area behind a singular cab with a ramp territory designed to make it easy to expostulate other vehicles on to it for long-distance transportation.


Renault camper van

Camper outpost conversions are formed on customary vans and supplement some home amenities for those who wish to transport though like their possess space. This customarily constitutes a fold-out bed, while some vans supplement a roof that can be lifted (called a dormer), some arrange of compress cooking trickery and presumably a rinse area, too.

Some incomparable conversions use a framework cab as their base, though will have no bulkhead so that a front seats can double as arm chairs when a outpost is pitched adult during a campsite. The largest camper vans will have some-more than one bed (or berths), that can be converted into a vital area during a day, while showers and chemical toilets can also be included. Of course, these conversions will embody a H2O and rubbish tanks required to make them work, while some will underline outmost energy sockets permitting we to use on-site power, rather than a van’s on-board electricity supply. Motorhomes are a step adult from this and are even some-more extensive conversions of customary row vans with new bodywork.


Refridgeration van

Another customary outpost acclimatisation is designed for placement of cold and solidified items. The refrigerated outpost will be specifically propitious out so that a behind of a outpost is air-tight to keep a cold in, and there will customarily be a apart generator that’s designed to keep a behind area cold though inspiring a van’s energy supply.

Specialist conversions

Volkswagen glow van

Sometimes, even these conversions aren’t dilettante enough. There are companies out there that specialise in wise glow fighting apparatus and pack for a puncture services, while others can supplement hydraulic platforms and cherry pickers with a concomitant stabilising outriggers and other securing systems.

A veteran acclimatisation will need to be form authorized before it’s authorised on a road. In a box of manufacturer-sourced conversions, these will be form authorized in bulk so that they can be sole true to buyers. However, if we are carrying out a niche conversion, afterwards we will need to go by Individual Type Approval. This requires your car to be legalised and authorized on an particular basement by a UK Vehicle Certification Agency.

If you’re meditative of shopping a new van, check out the accessible beam right here….

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