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V5C record book rules: full beam for automobile buyers and sellers

If we possess a car, afterwards we will have a V5C. This is a central name for a registration form for your car, and it’s a critical square of paperwork when it comes to buy or sell a car. It’s ordinarily famous as a ‘log book’ or ‘V5’, and this request includes all of a essential sum about your automobile that are also hold on a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) database. It also includes information about a tide and past keepers of a vehicle. Unlike VED highway tax and a old-style pushing looseness that have left digital, this is doubtful to occur with a V5C only yet, and you’ll still need a paper V5C with your automobile for a foreseeable future.

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Therefore it’s critical that we keep your car’s V5C adult to date. Thankfully, a V5C facilities forms on it that can be filled out to rectify a information within. If we need to change a residence of a automobile or name of a purebred keeper, there’s a place for doing that, afterwards we can send a request off to a DVLA conduct bureau in Swansea – even a residence of a DVLA is on a V5C, too. This information is critical to keep adult to date, since this is a information that is used to send out your highway taxation reminder. What’s more, if we destroy to keep a information on a V5C adult to date, we could face a excellent of adult to £1,000.

The other time we need to rectify your V5C is when we come to sell your car. However, in this instance, we can do all a changes online, with no need to post your V5C to a DVLA. The newly introduced complement is pretty easy to use, that is a good thing, since only like amending your information, any improper sum could outcome in a excellent for we or a new owners of your car. As prolonged as we have entrance to a mechanism or mobile device that’s connected to a internet, afterwards it couldn’t be easier to rectify a information on a V5C.

Scroll down for some-more sum of how to forewarn a DVLA of a change of ownership, yet promulgation off a DVLA V5.

What a V5 changes meant when offered a car

If you’re offered a car, it’s useful to have a use story and other documentation, yet a many critical square of paperwork is a V5C logbook. It will have a critical information about a automobile that your intensity customer will wish to know, and once they have bought your car, we wil need to fill out a V5C/2 territory of a V5C. This territory afterwards tears off as a trip that we give to a customer as explanation that they now possess a vehicle. 

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After that, it’s time to go online. Instead of stuffing out sections of a V5C logbook and promulgation it off to a DVLA, we can simply record on to the DVLA website to surprise it of a change of ownership.

The DVLA will send we an present e-mail acknowledgment that a changes have been made, and will follow this adult with a minute in a post. It’s value observant that if we sell a automobile behind into a engine trade that a procession is accurately a same as if we were offered a automobile privately.

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A orator for a DVLA explained about a online changes to Auto Express when they came on tide in 2015: “It’s quicker and easier to covenant online rather than a normal postal track and a services are easy to use.”

Once you’ve sole a vehicle, you’ll get a highway taxation remission on any superb VED that we might have paid. That’s because, underneath a current Vehicle Excise Duty system, highway taxation is no longer negotiable with a vehicle. 

The new V5 routine for automobile buyers

If you’re shopping a new automobile and a seller intends to use a online process, make certain we give them your email address. The seller can afterwards enter this online when creation their stipulation of change of tenure to a DVLA. That means we will also accept an e-mail acknowledgment that a information has been processed by a DVLA.

Whether we yield an email residence to a seller or not – it’s not mandatory – a new V5C certificate should arrive by your letterbox within 5 operative days.

Remember too, that we no longer acquire any superb highway taxation when we buy a vehicle. You contingency compensate highway taxation or announce SORN immediately when your new V5C arrives.

What happens if we don’t have Internet access?

If computers aren’t your thing, a DVLA still accepts changes to a V5C request by post, yet this will take longer to routine and covenant than with a new electronic system.  

What are a changes to a V5C document?

The V5C request itself will sojourn in paper format – distinct taxation discs and a pushing looseness paper counterpart. However, once you’ve exchanged a V5C/2, sensitive a DVLA electronically of a purebred screw changes, and perceived acknowledgment of a change, a DVLA advises we to destroy a aged V5C document. 

What if you’ve mislaid your V5 record book document?

If your car’s V5C logbook request has been lost, shop-worn or destroyed, there’s a candid routine for removing a new one. You can request by job a DVLA or by stuffing out a V62 form and promulgation it to a DVLA. There’s a £25 price and it can take adult to 6 weeks to get a new V5C. 

Have we used a online complement for a V5C document? Let us know how it went in a comments territory below… 

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