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Towing beam 2018: UK laws, licences, costs and tips

Motorists draw all kinds of things in a UK, yet it doesn’t matter if we are towing a caravan, tiny trailer, equine box, or even a boat, we need to be wakeful of what your looseness entitles we to expostulate (and a cost of upgrading your looseness should we need to), a laws ruling towing in a UK and how we can urge your trailer-toting skills. 

Below we will cover all of a above, with a underline on page 2 from when Auto Express spent a day with a Caravan and Motorhome Club training how to expostulate safely when hitched. So review on for your finish beam to towing in a UK.

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Towing licence: what can we legally drive?

Drivers who upheld pre-1997

You need a full pulling looseness to draw any kind of trailer, and if we upheld your exam before 1997 we should be entitled to expostulate a automobile and trailer that together import a extent of 8.25 tonnes. This Maximum Authorised Mass or MAM means you’re flattering many lonesome for many things, including vast 4x4s or vans pulling large caravans or boats. In fact, to get anywhere nearby a limit, you’d substantially need to be pulling a 7.5 tonne lorry – nonetheless if it was entirely laden, it would extent your trailer to 3 buliding of a tonne – or a large American RV pulling a car.

Drivers who upheld post-1997

For drivers who upheld their exam after Jan 1st 1997 – a MAM extent in that is 4.25 tonnes, and that’s usually with a draw automobile of 3.5 tonnes, that would extent a trailer to 750kgs. If we wish to lift a trailer over 750kgs on a post-1997 pulling licence, a total draw automobile and trailer MAM drops to 3.5 tonnes.

As an combined complication, a trailer MAM contingency be reduce than a draw vehicle’s weight, too. This shouldn’t be too many of a worry though, as many automobile towing (on a trailer) or train towing combinations tumble within these parameters.

How many does it cost to ascent your towing licence?

Assuming we upheld your exam after 1997, yet would like to draw something with an MAM above 4.25 tonnes, we can upgrade your trailer desert around an additional automobile and trailer pulling exam during a cost of £115 if we take it during a normal operative week. Taking it duringt a evening, weekend or bank holiday costs £141. It is famous as a BE test, that is run by DVSA train and lorry exam centres. 

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There is no authorised requirement to take veteran lessons beforehand. But if we do opt to take lessons with a veteran pulling school, we could find yourself shelling out a £600-£700 – maybe even some-more once you’ve paid a exam price – for a privilege. 

UK towing and trailer regulations

There are several opposite manners and regulations that need to be adhered to when towing a trailer or caravan, and they are as follows: 

• Trailer breadth and length. The extent breadth for any trailer is 2.55m, and a extent length for a trailer towed by a sub-3.5 tonne automobile is 7m (although this does not embody a A-frame should we be towing with one). The same distance manners request if your draw automobile is a MINI or a Hummer.

• Approved draw bars. All draw bars propitious to vehicles purebred after 1998 need to be Type Approved to accommodate EU regulations, and be of a suitable pattern for your vehicle. Approved draw bars will have labels or a image with an capitulation series and sum of a vehicles it is authorized for.

• Towing mirrors. The law says we contingency have termite adequate viewpoint of a highway behind you, so if you’ve a train or a wide, high trailer that obscures your viewpoint (i.e. wider than a behind of your car), a chances are that we might need to fit extendable mirrors. If you’re stopped and a policeman thinks we can’t see properly, we could get 3 looseness points and a £1,000 (maximum) fine.

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• Trailer brakes. If your trailer or train weighs over 750kgs when loaded, a law states a braking complement contingency be fitted, and be in good operative order. This also relates to a automobile towed on an A-frame – a law sees a towed automobile as a trailer, so there contingency be viable braking complement in place. Dollies used by liberation vans and a like, are exempted by supervision discipline when towing damaged down vehicles during low speeds. They mustn’t be used for ubiquitous towing purposes, unless a compulsory braking criteria can be met.

• Number plates. You have to uncover a same series image on your trailer as on a draw car. The series image contingency be bright if pulling during night. If we are towing mixed trailers, repair a looseness image during a back.

• Trailer lighting. A highway authorised trailer contingency have dual red sidelights, dual red stop lights, amber indicators, and a span of triangular red reflectors during a back. Trailers over 1.3m far-reaching are also compulsory to have haze lamp. Trailers built after 1990 contingency also have white reflectors during a front (excluding vessel trailers), unless they’re over 1.6m far-reaching in that box front position lamps are required.

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