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Old Cat C and Cat D word write-off categories explained

In Oct 2017, new word write-off categories were introduced. These Cat N and Cat S classifications were introduced to reinstate a existent Cat C and Cat D designations.

However, a indicate of a personal adverts reveals that while newly written-off cars are no longer personal as Cat C or Cat D, there are still copiousness of cars for sale that still lift a aged Category C and Category D labels. In this article, we explain what these dual word write-off categories mean, and possibly it’s value shopping a automobile that has been personal in possibly write-off category.

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Exactly what is a Cat C or Cat D write-off? 

A write-off is how insurers systematise a automobile that is too costly to repair. This will occur after a highway accident, or when repairs is caused by flood, glow or during a automobile theft. The final outcome will be that a insurer will compensate an concluded volume to a vehicle’s owner, afterwards a word association keeps a automobile to dispose of as they see fit. Up until Oct 2017, cars were personal as Category A, B, C or D write offs, depending on a astringency of a repairs to a vehicle. The 4 categories are listed below, with an reason of a manners for each

Category A cars are personal as such since they are so badly shop-worn that they can never be put behind on a highway safely. These cars are typically crushed, while tools of a automobile that competence be salvageable contingency also legally be destroyed.

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Category B cars also have to be broken due to a turn of repairs they have sustained, yet while a bodyshell contingency never be used again, some tools from a Cat B automobile can be private and sole on. That includes wheels, seats and some automatic parts, including a engine. 

Cat C and Cat D cars can legally be put behind on a road, nonetheless a word association has judged that it’s too costly for it to do so. However, word companies typically use manufacturer cost lists for gangling parts, that tend to be on a costly side, and if we have a resources, we might be means to put a Cat C or Cat D automobile behind on a highway for a fragment of a word company’s estimated cost.

Of a dual comparison categories that can be put behind on a road, Cat C cars will have postulated some-more critical repairs than Cat D cars – typically a correct check will be some-more than a automobile is worth. Cat C cars have to be re-registered with a DVLA before they can be put behind on a road. The new Cat S (short for structurally damaged) sequence replaces Cat D.

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Cat D cars have been reduction severely shop-worn than Cat C cars, and can be put behind on a highway yet being re-registered with a DVLA. A Cat D car’s correct check might be reduction than a value, creation it theoretically careful to repair; yet insurers’ administration, ride and other costs might meant a correct work isn’t value their while. The new Cat N (short for non-structural damage) sequence replaces a aged Cat D.

Should we buy a Cat C or Cat D car?

We would advise we to be discreet about shopping a Cat C or Cat D car. While a inlet of these write-offs means that Cat C and D cars can be done safe, we need to have faith that any repairs have been done to a good standard. 

There are bargains to be had, though. As an example, a Cat D write-off could engage a hole on a ten-year-old automobile value £1,000. The car’s insurers would be duty-bound to go by central correct channels, sourcing a new door, repspraying it and so on, and a sum check could be around £800. After admin and other costs are taken into account, a insurer is expected to confirm it is costly to lift out a repair, and write a automobile off. 

A private buyer, on a other hand, could deliver a doorway from a throw yard for, say, £50, and fit it themselves. The automobile can afterwards be kept or sole on, nonetheless a Cat D write-off will need to have a word standing announced on a V5C logbook for anybody to see. 

The tour a Cat C automobile would take is similar, nonetheless a costs concerned would be different. As an example, if a automobile is value £1,000 and a correct would cost a insurer £1,200, it would be personal as Cat C. A private customer might good be means to organize repairs for less, yet have to request for a new logbook (V5C form) from DVLA after putting a Cat C automobile behind on a road.

Do note that re-registering a Cat C automobile does not check if it has been remade properly. If we are looking to buy a Cat C car, elect a automechanic or automotive operative to entirely check it over initial and try to find out as most story about a vehicle, generally a resources of it being created off.

What are a pitfalls of shopping a remade Cat C or Cat D car?

One emanate concerns value. Because a write-off difficulty is available in a car’s record book, Cat C and Cat D cars will always be value reduction than their unimpaired counterparts, regardless of their external condition. This should, of course, be reflected in their cost if you’re deliberation shopping a write-off.

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Insurance can also be a concern. Some insurers won’t wish to cover a written-off car. While this can typically be solved by sport around for a association that will, word costs for Cat C and D cars tend to be aloft than they are for an homogeneous automobile that has not been created off.

It’s also critical not to concentration usually on apparent or manifest repairs when looking during Cat C and Cat D cars. As with any used car, there could be any series of faults requiring costly fixes, totally separate to a write-off incident. 

Do make certain we are wakeful of a ubiquitous health of a automobile before pushing it, and get a automechanic to check it over for we before we buy. Just since you’re shopping a created off automobile doesn’t meant we have to settle for bad peculiarity – we should make a same engine, chassis, bodywork and interior checks that we would when shopping any used car.

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