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Latest Live M40 Traffic News

The M40 is a critical couple between a Midlands, Oxford and London. It is an choice to a bustling M1 motorway a A1. Any highway that links directly to a collateral is vastly critical in terms and business and mercantile value as good as race transformation and a M40 links London to a UK’s second city Birmingham.

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Like many other UK motorways, a M40 falls plant to a rush hour invert trade jams yet scarcely it has comparatively small trade or holdups definition a smoother tour for drivers. Roadworks and accidents can means trade jams and delays so a always best to be prepared if we are travelling on any partial of a M40. On this page we’re bringing we a latest live M40 trade news to assistance we evasion any M40 delays, with transport alerts, live updates and an occurrence map for both northbound and southbound lanes.

Scroll down to find real-time alerts from a M40 around a specifically built Twitter feed, that collates critical updates as they occur from a Highways Agency, central military accounts and other trade news feeds. We’ve also got a live map display accurately where a delays are, and a useful list of all a motorway’s junctions…

About a M40 Motorway

The M40 was recently voted motorists’ second favourite motorway in a UK due to a pretty light traffic, few to no roadworks and copiousness of petrol/service stations.

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If we wish to try a bit of automobile spotting afterwards a M40 is a good place to start. JLR, Aston Martin and Mini all have plants a mill chuck divided from a M40 with JLR and Aston being located in Gaydon while Mini has a bureau in Oxford. Also, a British Motor museum can be found along a M40 too.

Live M40 Traffic updates

Live M40 Traffic Map

Traffic jams can stand adult during any time on a M40 motorway caused by accidents, continue conditions, roadworks or volume of traffic, yet opportunely we can keep one step forward of a delays with a live and invariably updated M40 trade map.

The map next shows live updates on a stream problem areas of a M40 for roadworks, accidents or ubiquitous overload causing delays on a road…  

M40 Weather Report

Details of a latest continue warnings in a M40 area from a Met Office…

Met Office Weather Warning

The History of a M40 Motorway

The initial widen of a M40 was assembled between 1967 and 1974 and connected London to Oxford before an prolongation to Birmingham was finished in 1989.  At 89 miles prolonged it might not be as prolonged as many other motorways in Britain yet it provides a critical couple between London and a Midlands and offers an swap track to a M1.

The building of a M40 was not but problem yet as a devise to build by Otmoor, an area of wetland famous for a wildlife, was rarely criticised by a public. In response to a plans, Friends of a Erath purchased a tract of land on a moor that forced a M40 track to be redirected to equivocate Otmoor completely.

Originally no services were built on a M40 with only a singular parking area finish with some proxy toilets for motorists to us. However these were fast private and a initial use station, now Cherwell Services, was built in a place.

There are now 4 use stations on a M40. The Beaconsfield Services was a initial motorway services in a UK to deliver a Wetherspoon bar and restaurant, a decision, that valid rarely controversial.

M40 Junctions 

All of a M40 junctions on a southbound and northbound carriageways are minute below…

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