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Most arguable used cars 2018

Everybody knows a fear story of a dodgy used automobile – a hazard of unreliability and breakdowns is mostly a reason that people drive transparent of a used automobile marketplace in a initial place. That’s why, for those braving a classifieds and forecourts, trustworthiness is a many critical cause to take into comment when meditative about a used automobile purchase.

Despite being a used car, a indication we buy will be new to we and a final thing we wish is something that’s going to leave we stranded on a side of a road. You apparently don’t wish a automobile that’s going to leave we with large correct bills either. So to try and assistance we confirm that used cars are a many constant and trustworthy, we’ve dull adult a many arguable used cars here in a UK, according to information from a Driver Power owners compensation survey. Scores work as a percentage, naturally, 100 per cent being a automobile all owners have had no trustworthiness issues with.  

Top 10 many arguable used cars

  1. 1. Lexus IS Mk3 – 98.04%
  2. 2. Lexus CT – 95.88%
  3. 3. Toyota RAV4 Mk4 – 95.48%
  4. 4. Toyota Auris – 94.63%
  5. 5. Volvo V40 – 93.65%
  6. 6. Mercedes E-Class Mk4 – 93.65%
  7. 7. Lexus RX Mk3 – 93.57%
  8. 8. Toyota Prius Mk3 – 93.17%
  9. 9. Skoda Yeti – 92.86% 
  10. 10. Honda CR-V Mk4 – 92.72%

Driver Power allows us to get a demeanour into car’s long-term trustworthiness that we simply can’t do ourselves from a highway test. Each year, around 80,000 owners take a Driver Power survey, and it’s interjection to them that we can code a many arguable cars in any class. Some models have been good proven over several years, others are scarcely new, so there’s a good brew of options for buyers. 

Make certain we remember that customarily since a indication form appears to be reliable, that doesn’t meant a specific automobile will be. Don’t customarily go on reputation, possibly – copiousness of manufacturers with a ancestral repute for trustworthiness uncover adult rather badly in a Driver Power survey. Always check a automobile we wish to buy delicately for faults or intensity problems before we palm over any money. 

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Most arguable used car: Lexus IS Mk3 – 98.04%

Lexus IS

Years of manufacture: 2013-present
Price now: From £9,500

A fifth of respondents reported a fault, yet a IS’s tip mark for trustworthiness suggests they are minor. This year’s Driver Power used champion is the Lexus IS – a automobile that came second final year, yet now leads a container interjection to a array of stellar scores. It didn’t customarily come tip for a trustworthiness either, yet also commanding a charts for handling, comfort and drivetrain.

In fact, owners had to demeanour tough to find anything not superb about their Japanese 3 Series rival. The infancy of buyers opt for a 2.5-litre petrol-electric 300h, so it’s satisfactory to contend a soap-box reports we perceived about a IS’s trustworthiness embody a hybrid powertrain.

Lexus CT – 95.88%

Lexus CT

Years of manufacture: 2011-present
Price now: From £6,000

Electrics were a gripe, nonetheless customarily a tiny series of CT owners holding partial reported problems. One peek during a CT’s owner reviews tells we many of what we need to know: it’s an model performer, and creates an roughly ideal used buy, with a trustworthiness explain corroborated adult by an impressively low series of people stating faults. It also generates clever perceptions of being a protected car, yet a CT’s sat-nav scored comparatively badly.

Toyota RAV4 Mk4 – 95.48%

Toyota RAV4

Years of manufacture: 2012-2018
Price now: From £8,900

Reported issues are scarce, with respondents given to discuss a brakes if they did have trouble. As a top-scoring SUV in a used automobile compensation survey, a RAV4 attracts regard roughly opposite a board. It’s changed adult 8 places from 2017. Standing out is a RAV4’s reliability. Third place here unequivocally shows that as day-to-day transport, this SUV can be depended upon. Still, a RAV4 has one cut on a copybook: it’s some-more costly to run than owners would like. 

Toyota Auris – 94.63%

Toyota Auris

Years of manufacture: 2012-2018
Price now: From £5,500

On a singular occasions consult respondents’ Aurises indispensable work, courtesy is focused on a brakes. The Auris consistemtly scored good with owners, assisting it on to this list. The Toyota is clearly a constant and spare choice, quite in Hybrid guise. Owners also rate a car’s well-spoken engines and transmissions, while a pointy steering was also praised. However, as a family hatchback a Auris is hobbled by a singular rear legroom and a cabin that’s brief of storage.

Volvo V40 – 93.65%

Volvo V40

Years of manufacture: 2012 – present
Price now: From £5,000 

True to a code a V40 is improved than many in a trustworthiness stakes, with no sold area proof to be a vital issue. It is adult there with a really best for trustworthiness (there is a identical story with how owners rate a reserve features), yet when it comes to practicality and compensation with a extraneous design, it is most nearer a bottom of a field. That pronounced there were really few critical issues reported by owners, definition if we like a looks and don’t need sacrificing a tiny practicality, afterwards a V40 could be for you.

Mercedes E-Class Mk4 – 93.65%

Mercedes E-Class

Years of manufacture: 2009-2016
Price now: From £4,300

A below-average proportion of E-Class owners holding partial reported faults; yet if they did they were mostly electrics.The final E-Class helped to revive Mercedes’ repute for building fascinating and arguable upmarket machines. On tip of reliability, owners citied a large executive’s pointy steering and clever brakes, assisting it secure a top-three mark for float and handling. The grand interior was also hailed, as was driver’s chair comfort. Also coming in for critique are a servicing costs, that owners consider are high, even for a oppulance brand.

Lexus RX Mk3 – 93.57%

Lexus RX

Years of manufacture: 2009-2015
Price now: From £10,000

Participants in a check contend a RX frequency ever goes wrong; if faults do start they’re customarily electrical. Even so, a hybrid complement – a multiple of a 3.5-litre V6 and electric motors – was rarely praised. Owners also remarkable a well-spoken ride, manageable brakes and steering. Inside, a RX scores for a upmarket feel and comfort of a cabin, and a good infotainment – fiddly sat-nav aside. If there’s a weakness, afterwards it’s a lust for fuel, with owners stating a hybrid engine can’t compare Lexus’s claims.

Toyota Prius Mk3 – 93.17%

Toyota Prius

Years of manufacture: 2009-2015
Price now: From £5,500

Owners polled rated a Prius’ reliability, so any faults are doubtful to have been vital for a fifth that reported issues. Toyota’s pioneering hybrid continues to stir as a used choice, mostly down to a good trustworthiness and low using costs, with owners quite gratified with a clever fuel efficiency. A top-10 outcome for trustworthiness suggests there’s zero to fear from those hi-tech mechanicals. Buyers also favourite a atmospheric interior and a fibre of a CVT gearbox, even if a engine is a tiny noisy. 

Skoda Yeti – 92.86%

Skoda Yeti

Years of manufacture: 2009-2017
Price now: From £3,750

Electrics caused problems for participants in a poll, yet a Yeti is above normal for reliability. Your top-rated used automobile in Driver Power 2017 has slipped down a few places this year, yet it’s transparent owners still rate a Yeti’s trustworthiness highly. The punchy TDI and TSI petrol engines are also highlighted, as is a gentle seating and excellent pushing position. Less considerable are a infotainment, connectivity and reserve features, that is frequency startling given that a simple pattern is scarcely a decade aged now.

Honda CR-V Mk4 – 92.72%

Honda CR-V

Years of manufacture: 2012-2016
Price now: From £7,900

Respondents tell us this family SUV is really reliable. Electrical and gearbox issues can occur, though. The Honda has depressed down a ranking a tiny this year, yet trustworthiness stays high. Owners weren’t quite graceful about a CR-V’s dull handling, indolent opening (the 1.6 CDTi diesel is a tiny section for such a large machine) and stiff extraneous styling.  That said, if we are some-more fussed about removing from A-to-B day in day out with vital trustworthiness issues, afterwards a CR-V is adult there with a best. 

Top 10 slightest arguable cars

But what about a cars that scored badly with owners? Out of a 75 cars that featured in a results, a 10 next scored misfortune for reliability. Ordered from a lowest scoring automobile to a best misfortune scoring car, they are as follows: 

  1. 1. Audi A4 Mk4 – 81.87%
  2. 2. Vauxhall Zafira Mk2 – 82.24%
  3. 3. Peugeot 207 Mk1 – 82.82%
  4. 4. Nissan Qashqai Mk2 – 82.95%
  5. 5. Volkswagen Polo Mk5 – 83.38%
  6. 6. Vauxhall Corsa Mk3 – 84.18%
  7. 7. Citroën C4 Mk2 – 84.33%
  8. 8. Vauxhall Insignia Mk1 – 84.38%
  9. 9. Audi A3 Mk2 – 84.77%
  10. 10. Nissan Qashqai Mk1 – 84.80%

For some-more Driver Power results, revisit a dedicated Driver Power heart page… 

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