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Most arguable cars to buy in 2018

One of a many critical priorities for anyone shopping a new (or used) automobile is reliability. If a automobile is constantly violation down, no volume of comfort, economy, opening or record will redeem it. The problem confronting automobile buyers is that automobile trustworthiness is a really tough thing to sign until you’ve bought a automobile and are experiencing it initial hand.

Fortunately, a Driver Power consult can help. Every year thousands of motorists tell us what they consider about a cars they possess and we use a information to arm a readers with a inside story on a many arguable cars on sale. Knowing that cars are exposed to electrical and/or automatic faults is rarely profitable to anyone meditative about shopping a automobile and that’s accurately what you’ll find below.

• Auto Express Driver Power best cars to own

We have a latest Driver Power consult information on a many arguable new cars (models adult to 12 months old) and, on page 2, a same info on a many arguable used cars between 3 and 6 years old. Owners were asked about their compensation with a standards of build peculiarity and trustworthiness in a cars they possess and expostulate each day and a formula are really enlightening.


When shopping a new automobile these days, few design there to be any issues yet even in a tip 10 many arguable new cars we will see faults can still occur. That being said, it is customarily around a three- to six-year symbol (once a manufacturer’s guaranty on many models has expired) that cars can rise critical faults. Click by to page dual and we will find a latest information on a many arguable cars in that age bracket.

The tip 10 many arguable new cars

=9. Lexus CT – 94.55%

Lexus CT 200h front tracking

In standard CT achieved good while not cheering too aloud about it. Few owners had vital issues and many complemented a shining build peculiarity and engine refinement. If there were trustworthiness gripes to pronounce of, they routinely had their roots in a CT’s electrical systems.

=9. Skoda Octavia – 94.55%

Skoda Octavia vRS 245 - front

Modern Skodas arrange really good for trustworthiness with their owners and a Octavia continues this trend – it was a many arguable Skoda in a whole survey. There were mixed reports from motorists about transmissions troubles, yet over that, there seemed to be really small to protest about.  

8. Toyota Verso – 95.10%

Toyota Verso 2016 - front tracking

True to a manufacturer’s new form, a Verso MPV is an impossibly arguable car. While a extraneous scores badly with drivers (possibly explained by a fact it has been on sale for scarcely a decade) it is a second many arguable automobile from Toyota, customarily beaten by a Prius. Of a owners that did have issues, delivery problems were many frequently to blame.

7. Mazda CX-5 – 95.15%

Mazda CX-5 - front

Unlike some of a other cars on this list, a Mazda CX-5 had dual categorical areas where owners reported issues: a brakes and electrical systems. That being said, these were few and distant between, assisting a Japanese SUV finish customarily outward a tip 5 many arguable cars on sale. Even yet a CX-5 achieved impossibly well, a MX-5 pipped it to a post as a many arguable Mazda, with a princely sports automobile finishing fourth.

6. Honda CR-V – 95.16%

Honda CR-V Black Edition 2016 - front cornering

Finding an owners who has had issues with their Honda CR-V is no easy task. Of a few owners that did have problems to report, many pronounced a electrics were to blame. Despite clever opening in a area of reliability, a Japanese SUV ranked feeble for reserve facilities and infotainment in a full Driver Power survey. Still, a clever powertrains were seen as a vital advantage by owners.

5. Peugeot 3008 – 95.22%

Peugeot 3008 - front

The Peugeot 3008 is not customarily a many arguable European automobile in a Driver Power survey, it won a altogether pretension of Britain’s best automobile to possess in Driver Power 2018. Naturally there were few issues reported by a owners but, identical to a lot of a cars in a tip 10, if there was anything wrong it could customarily be traced behind to a electrics. Reliability doesn’t come during a responsibility of delight with a 3008 either, as owners were gay with a pushing experience.

4. Mazda MX-5 – 95.82%

New Mazda MX-5 Z-Sport 2018 examination - front

The Mazda MX-5 outlines a commencement of a tip 4 dominated by Asian automobile manufacturers. Reported issues with a renouned sports automobile were skinny on a ground, yet a faults that were found to means drivers headaches were generally electrical. High servicing costs were another thing that owners uttered their distrurbance over.

3. Toyota Prius – 95.93%

Toyota Prius red front

Despite a Toyota Prius being one of a best offered electric cars globally, a infancy of faults reported by owners were not electrical. Instead, they were due to extraneous trim and paint issues. The petrol-electric drivetrain came rarely praised, that shouldn’t be startling as Toyota had a outrageous palm in popularising this form of powertrain with prior generations of a Prius.

2. Kia Sorento – 96.08%

Kia Sorento - front

Picking adult second place is a seven-seat Kia Sorento. The South Korean display here that we don’t need to spend a happening to get a quality, arguable car. Its biggest weakness, according to owners, are a fuel economy and using costs, yet clever scores in all other areas make certain it’s hold in high courtesy by owners. In gripping with trends, any issues that were reported with a Sorento tended to be electrical.

1. Lexus NX – 96.25%

Lexus NX 300h - front cornering

The Lexus NX SUV is King (or Queen) of a mountain when it comes to reliability. Issues reported from owners are maybe unsurprisingly really rare, yet stop problems were many common of a faults that were reported. Elsewhere, owners arrange a NX feeble for using costs (it came a unsatisfactory 61st in a Driver Power MPG and using cost standings) yet rarely for interior, practicality and reserve features.  

The best of a rest

  1. 11. Toyota Auris – 94.44%
  2. 12. Mazda 3 – 94.37%
  3. 14. Toyota C-HR – 94.33%
  4. 15. Volkswagen Golf – 94.25%
  5. 16. Nissan Juke – 94.06%
  6. 17. Honda Jazz – 94.03%
  7. =18. Lexus RX – 93.98%
  8. =18. MINI – 93.98%
  9. 20. Kia Sportage – 93.73%

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