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Most arguable 4x4s and SUVs 2018

Reliability is a common articulate indicate when deliberating cars – whether that be SUVs and 4x4s or little city cars. It is a peculiarity that is mostly ignored though never lost about. Top speed and bhp might squeeze headlines though trustworthiness is something that is, arguably, a many critical partial of selecting a car.

SUVs and crossovers are now hackneyed on a roads and are bought for their practicality and their ability to cope with bland use. Used on a daily basement for all from a propagandize run to initial dates, SUVs and crossovers go by a lot in their life. Reliability problems are something that no owners wants to understanding with, as vital issues shortly lead to costly repairs. Therefore it creates clarity to find out that SUVs and 4x4s are a many arguable from a really start.

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Every year a Driver Power Survey helps collect out a many arguable cars from a people who know them best, their owners. Almost 80,000 UK automobile owners have rated their cars opposite a operation of categories including reliability. We have analysed a formula and next we will find a tip 10 many arguable SUVs and 4x4s – and 5 runners adult – as motionless by you, a public.

Top 10 many arguable used SUVs and 4x4s 2018

  1. 1. Toyota RAV4 Mk4 – 95.48%
  2. 2. Lexus RX Mk3 – 93.57%
  3. 3. Skoda Yeti Mk1 – 92.86%
  4. 4. Honda CR-V Mk4 – 92.72%
  5. 5. MINI Countryman Mk1 – 92.04%
  6. 6. Audi Q5 / SQ5 Mk1 – 91.89%
  7. 7. Hyundai ix35 Mk1 – 91.71%
  8. 8. Renault Captur Mk1 – 91.51%
  9. 9. Ford Kuga Mk2 – 90.22%
  10. 10. Kia Sportage Mk3 – 90.08%

Toyota RAV4 Mk4 – 95.48%

Toyota RAV4

Years of manufacture: 2012-2018
Price now: From £8,900

The Toyota RAV4 came out tip of a many arguable used SUVs and 4x4s in a 2018 Driver Power Survey. Reported issues with a RAV4 are shock though a brakes were mentioned by respondents some-more than most.

The clever trustworthiness record shows that a RAV4 is a good choice as day-to-day transport. On tip of being spacious, a Toyota us surprisingly beguiling to expostulate – or during slightest a owners consider so – with steering being cited as a standout feature.

Lexus RX Mk3 – 93.57%

Lexus RX

Years of manufacture: 2009-2015
Price now: From £10,000

Another SUV from Japan takes seconds place for trustworthiness on a Driver Power Survey. Owners contend a Lexus RX is roughly faultless, however occasional electrical gremlins do forestall it from reaching a tip spot.

The RX is rated frequency inside for a upmarket feel and comfort of a cabin, and a good infotainment, notwithstanding a fiddly sat-nav. For a vast SUV, a Lexus RX receives surprisingly clever regard for a approach it drives and performs. The multiple of 3.5-litre V6 and electric motors creates for free and polished performance, while owners also remarkable a well-spoken ride, manageable brakes and steering.

Skoda Yeti – 92.86%

Skoda Yeti

Years of manufacture: 2009-2017
Price now: From £3,750

The quirky Skoda Yeti gets a bronze with a measure of 92.86%. The Yeti has depressed somewhat given final year, that is down to electrical problems reported by owners nonetheless it is still above normal for reliability.

On tip of clever scores for a Yeti’s trustworthiness and quality, owners praised a ample cabin’s practicality. Other highlights were a punchy TDI and TSI petrol engines, as are a gentle seating and excellent pushing position. Less considerable are a infotainment, connectivity and reserve features, that is frequency startling given that a simple pattern is scarcely a decade aged now.

Honda CR-V Mk4 – 92.72%

Honda CR-V

Years of manufacture: 2012-2016
Price now: From £7,900

Last year a Honda was nowhere to be seen in a tip 10 many arguable SUVs and 4x4s, though this time around it has finished an considerable fourth. There’s no one reason for a for a improvement, however owners still reported faults with a electrics and gearbox. That said, owners regard dealers, contend that their charges were reasonable.

MINI Countryman Mk1 – 92.04%

MINI Countryman

Years of manufacture: 2010-2017
Price now: From £4,500

Another automobile that didn’t underline in a tip 10 (or even tip 20) final year. The high-riding MINI shows owners are peaceful to pardon a Countryman a bad practicality and miserly customary pack in a name of good trustworthiness and fun-to-drive nature. Of respondents who did register complaints, many were centred around interior trim qualms, with issues of any other inlet rare. The cost of upkeep was reported as high (provided we don’t have one of a prepaid TLC packs, while a lust of a engines was a means for regard for some.

Audi Q5 Mk1 – 91.89%

Audi Q5

Years of manufacture: 2008-2017
Price now: From £6,800

This is a initial time a Audi Q5 has seemed in a used survey, entrance during sixth. There was a next normal series of faults reported with a Q3, with a infancy of participants blaming electrics when there was an issue. All models get Audi’s quattro four-wheel drive, that owners seem to like, praising a Q5’s highway holding. Comfort and practicality were also cited and strong, while a sat-nav complement wasn’t rated really well.

Hyundai ix35 – 91.71%

Hyundai ix35

Years of manufacture: 2010-2015
Price now: From £4,000

Yet another debutant here, a Hyundai ix35 has achieved really well. Owners frequency reported any vital trustworthiness issues, along some reported gearbox issues. Aside from good reliability, a ix35 excels in a practicality stakes. Its immeasurable foot and versatile cabin were praised by many an owner. Should a ix35 come with some-more spare engines and cheaper upkeep bills, a ix35 could good have finished higher.

Renault Captur Mk1 – 91.51%

Renault Captur

Years of manufacture: 2013 – present
Price now: £6,000

The Renault Captur scored frequency for trustworthiness in a latest Driver Power results, however it was let down in other areas, such as engines and practicality, according to owners. There weren’t any specific problem areas disposed to faults, and motorists praised a low using costs for a Captur. Coincidently a Captur came eighth final year, so trustworthiness is staying clever as a French SUV ages.    

Ford Kuga Mk2 – 90.22%

Ford Kuga

Years of manufacture: 2012-present
Price now: From £7,500

If we wish explanation that an SUV can be stylish and good to drive, afterwards a second-generation Kuga is it, according to buyers. The imperishable Ford impresses interjection to a low series of faults reported. That said, wiring were highlighted as an issue, that seems to be sincerely common for complicated cars, even those on this list.

On tip of a trustworthiness a high-set pushing position and manageable doing make spending time during a circle a pleasure. The infotainment and sat-nav are praised, as are a vast cabin and ample boot, however using costs were rated as aloft than most.  

Kia Sportage Mk3 – 90.08%

Kia Sportage

Years of manufacture: 2010-2015
Price now: From £5,500

The Kia Sportage has risen from 15th to 8 in a trustworthiness stakes. Owners who did news issues reported electric gremlins above all else, in fact one in 5 owners who took partial in a consult blamed annoying electrons for their issues. Unfortunately, using costs were rated comparatively feeble as was a a infotainment system. That aside, owners were gratified with a Kia’s practicality and comfort

Most arguable used SUVs and 4x4s runners up

  1. 11. Land Rover Freelander 2 Mk2 – 89.10%
  2. 12. Audi Q3 / RS Q3 Mk1 – 88.08%
  3. 13. Vauxhall Mokka Mk1 – 87.69%
  4. 14. BMW X3 Mk2 – 86.81%
  5. 15. Nissan Juke Mk1 – 86.73%

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