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Best cars to own: Driver Power 2018 results

It’s that time of a year again where we exhibit a best cars to own, as voted by you, a readers.

Last year, we totally overhauled Driver Power with a bigger, some-more extensive survey. We’ve kept a same format for 2018, seeking owners to rate their motors opposite 31 theme areas in 9 opposite categories. We’ve lonesome all from tiny city cars to vast reward SUVs.

Drivers with models reduction than 12 months aged were quizzed on all aspects of ownership, from how good their vehicles accelerate and steer, possibly there are adequate storage compartments and sufficient foot space inside, and if they consider their infotainment complement is behaving as they expected. We also asked drivers if they had gifted any issues with their cars in a past 12 months, and if so, what these problems were.

As you’ll note from a tiny margins separating many of a cars this year, a foe was tough among a several brands. But as always, there can be usually one winner. 

Below you’ll find a full formula of a 2018 Driver Power new automobile consult with sum of how a new ratings work, an interactive list and full sum on a tip 75 best cars to own. Click on to page two for a best cars to possess in any marketplace shred from city cars to SUVs…


A. This series signifies a car’s position in a Driver Power Top 75. If your indication isn’t here, we didn’t get adequate responses to embody it.
B. Here we can see during a peek how prolonged a automobile has been in prolongation for. Below this are pivotal attributes that owners contend done a performance.
C. We normal a car’s scores opposite a 9 judging categories to work out this percentage. This is a altogether rating, and defines a draft position.
D. These bars paint sold rankings in any of a Driver Power judging categories. The longer a bar, a improved a automobile performed.
E. Once again in 2018, we asked owners to news any faults with their car. This is a commission who did, and we spell out what a many common problems were.
F. In addition, we’ve picked out some engaging comments – good and bad – from owners of any model.


Driver Power 2018: The tip 10 best cars to own 

1. Peugeot 3008 – 93.88%

Key points: Strong scores in each area are pivotal to breakthrough feat for French SUV.

Britain’s best automobile to possess is a Peugeot 3008 – by a convincing margin. It wins Driver Power by behaving good in flattering many each area, and, significantly, doing zero badly.

Owners tell us they consider it looks illusory for one thing, with a French SUV commanding a extraneous pattern and build peculiarity difficulty – an considerable result, and one that shows a 3008 name is now trustworthy to a distant some-more fascinating automobile than a MPV predecessor.

Peugeot’s upmarket aspirations are underlined by a glorious symbol for interior quality, while a 3008 is practical, too, with glorious finishes for chair flexibility, foot space and storage. The tech on offer is competitive, if not difficulty leading, and good reserve facilities simulate a five-star Euro NCAP rating.

Owners adore pushing a Peugeot, too, with a small, sporty circle being pivotal to an considerable measure for steering responsiveness. Ride quality, braking efficacy and altogether pushing pleasure – something family SUVs infrequently skip out on – were also rarely rated. Factor in decent rankings for trustworthiness and regulating costs, and a 3008 is a estimable winner. 

Has it ever left wrong?

Yes: 11.0% 

Electrics will many substantially be to censure if a 3008 practice any problems. 

Living with a Peugeot 3008

Nikki Young, chair of Mutual Support, a armed forces’ churned sclerosis charity, owns a Peugeot 3008 GT Line, and has zero nonetheless regard for it.

She told us: “It’s usually illusory – a best automobile I’ve ever owned. I’ve lonesome 13,000 miles in 6 months, and it’s so smooth. The energy is there when we wish it, and a automobile box is responsive.”

What assured her to go for a 3008 over rivals? “I looked during a Volkswagen Tiguan and Nissan Qashqai, nonetheless a 3008’s interior, powertrain and styling convinced me,” explained Nikki, from Yaxley, Suffolk. “It’s a bee’s knees; we adore my 3008 and keep it spotless.”

So a Peugeot is good to expostulate and looks great, nonetheless it’s also easy to live with. Nikki added: “The pushing position is cosseting, there are copiousness of storage places and space in a behind is excellent.”

It’s hold adult to daily life, too. “I was indeterminate about a fabric on a dash, nonetheless it’s been durable. Nothing has damaged – and I’m good during gnawing things!” Nikki said. “Plus, we lapse 55mpg, notwithstanding carrying a 95kg wheelchair and raise in a boot.” 

Your view

“Manual box is mark on with good spacing between gears, well-judged gaiting and well-spoken action.”

“Dashboard pattern is singular and stands conduct and shoulders above other cars, regardless of cost or viewed quality.” 

2. Kia Niro – 93.07%

Key points: Hybrid visitor is a infotainment king, with gearbox a categorical bugbear. 

It’s an glorious entrance for a Niro, that is named a many gratifying tiny SUV to possess and comes second overall. Owners adore a infotainment in particular; it is ranked initial for user-friendliness and a stereo, and second for a responsiveness of a touchscreen.

The cabin also fares well, with an glorious fourth-place finish in this area. Owners tell us a Niro’s front seats are comfortable, a behind seats are spacious, while altogether peculiarity also impressed. It tops a list for front-seat prominence as well, and posts a clever fourth-place outcome for altogether interior fit and finish. The reserve facilities are rarely praised, and owners contend a automobile is gratifying to drive, with a utterly gentle ride. While seating coherence was felt to be good, buyers would like a bigger foot than a 427 litres on offer.

Your usually other genuine critique is destined towards a Niro’s petrol-electric drivetrain. Owners contend a acceleration on offer from a Niro’s 104bhp 1.6-litre petrol engine and 43bhp electric engine leaves them wanting more, while a hybrid’s six-speed dual-clutch gearbox garnered usually a middle-of-the-table outcome for a fibre it offers. 

Has it ever left wrong? 

Yes: 11.7%

Issues with a delivery are many approaching among a Niro drivers who believe gremlins. 

Living with a Kia Niro

Evaline Foster, a late café owners from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, hadn’t dictated to buy a Niro, nonetheless was blissful she did. “We were looking for a Skoda Yeti, nonetheless as this was going out of prolongation a play didn’t have a indication we were after,” she told us. “When we saw a Niro, we usually suspicion it looked great.”

The certain impressions continued when Evaline gathering it. She added: “It unequivocally tender me; it was so easy to drive. The automobile lights and wipers, reversing camera and sat-nav done it unequivocally straightforward.

“It’s unequivocally smooth: we can frequency tell when it’s switching from electric to petrol drive. we also get good economy. We especially use it for city driving, nonetheless even on a outing to a internal supermarket we get around 48mpg.”

And a Niro’s SUV position has proven a bonus. Evaline explained: “The tallness is also a genuine help: my father has mobility problems, and being a bit taller than a customary automobile means removing in and out of a Niro is easy.” 

Your view 

“One of a quietest cars we have owned. Smooth, soaks adult bumps good and a controls are light.”

“I like a 7 years’ giveaway sat-nav map updates. The ability to wirelessly bond my smartphone for trade and continue updates is also useful.” 

3. Alfa Romeo Giulia – 93.06% 

Key points: Giulia is a loyal Alfa and it’s tip for performance. Reliability is a concern, though.

The Giulia spearheaded Alfa Romeo’s rebirth and hasn’t utterly served adult a approaching sales yet. But those who have bought one tell us they adore it.

A loyal Alfa should be good to demeanour during and drive, and a Giulia delivers, with a 2.0-litre petrol, 2.2 diesel and 2.9 V6 petrol engines rated tip for opening and third for refinement. The automobile is genuine fun to drive, with a steering ranked a best in a survey, and a brakes and float peculiarity picking adult stellar scores.

Owners also contend they adore a approach a Giulia looks, with a illusory outcome for a pattern usually somewhat injured by a extrinsic ranking for extraneous build quality. Still, with a series one rating for child reserve features, a Giulia is clearly good matched to family life.

Fuel economy is a concern, with a Alfa scoring a next normal outcome in this area, while a Italian saloon’s infotainment complement is also pronounced to be behind a competition; a sat-nav and infotainment arrangement comes in for sold criticism.

Perhaps some-more worrying is a car’s reliability, since a unequivocally high suit of owners tell us that they’ve gifted faults with their Giulia.

Has it ever left wrong? 

Yes: 40.3% 

In a brief time on sale, a high series of Giulia owners news faults – especially with a electrics.

Living with an Alfa Romeo Giulia

“The Giulia is a many startling car,” John Vater QC, a attorney from Oxfordshire, told us. He owns a prohibited 503bhp Quadrifoglio (QV) model, nonetheless John reckons elements of a Italian opening tavern will be appreciated by all Giulia owners.

“It has an unbelievably good pushing position and, with a disproportion of my Porsche 911, a best steering of any automobile we have ever driven,” John said. “When we expostulate over white lines on a road, we can feel it by your fingertips.”

John’s believe with absolute cars puts him in a good position to decider a Giulia’s relations merits. “Having owned a BMW M3 and a Mercedes-AMG C 63, we consider a peculiarity of a Giulia’s interior some-more than matches them,” he explained. “I indeed consider there’s some-more behind legroom in a Alfa, and we cite it on prolonged journeys to a BMW and Mercedes.”

Unlike some Giulia owners, John hasn’t suffered any trustworthiness issues, either, adding: “I expostulate a automobile flattering tough and have had no problems whatsoever.” 

Your view

“Best-looking executive tavern on sale. Outshines German brands. Only a Jaguar XE comes close.” 

“Steering is one of Giulia’s best aspects. Better than any other automobile I’ve driven and on customary with my colleague’s Porsche Cayman in a genuine world.”

4. Toyota Prius – 93.04%

Key points: Hybrid trendsetter is a fuel economy champ and has few diseased points. 

The world’s many famous hybrid automobile continues to pleasure a many owners as an well-developed all-rounder.

The Toyota Prius scores strongly in a series of categories, and came tip for a considerable economy it delivers – not unsurprising given this is partial of a car’s reason for being, nonetheless calming all a same.

As good as low regulating costs, a hybrid Toyota is characterised by a glorious trustworthiness and build quality, with glorious formula in these areas. And while potency might be core to a Prius ethos, owners tell us they rate a altogether pushing experience; nonetheless a float peculiarity came in for some criticism. Still, a Prius got glorious scores for a petrol-electric drivetrain it has been elemental in popularising, and Toyota’s Safety Sense apartment of protecting systems helped a hatchback dip a bronze award in a reserve underline category.

Areas to demeanour out for on a car? There aren’t many. The 502-litre foot captivated some critique from readers, and they contend cabin storage could be better. The Prius’s infotainment complement could also do with some tweaks, according to owners, with a sat-nav in sold removing a common score.

Has it ever left wrong? 

Yes: 6.1%

Not many faults, nonetheless if Prius does go wrong, a many approaching law-breaker is a paint or extraneous trim. 

Living with a Toyota Prius

“The Prius was a finish change for me as my prior automobile was a Mazda MX-5,” explained Ross Bennet, a financial confidant from Aylestone, Leicester – nonetheless he’d toyed with a suspicion of one before.

“I’d exam driven a prior Prius and desired a hybrid set-up, nonetheless we didn’t like a looks,” he told us. “I like this one, though; it’s many some-more angular.”

Ross’s preference to buy was driven by his conduct rather than his heart. He explained: “I couldn’t disagree with a numbers. we was spending £200 a month on petrol for my MX-5, nonetheless in a Prius we spend around £50. It’s absurd how tiny fuel I’m putting in it.”

But a Prius has also done Ross calmer behind a wheel. “It unequivocally encourages loose driving,” he told us. “You don’t mind being stranded in trade interjection to EV mode; we usually slip along in silence, happy in a believe you’re not regulating any fuel.”

The biggest publicity is that he isn’t emotional for an MX-5. “I’m substantially going to get another Prius after this one,” he said. “It’s converted me to hybrids.” 

Your view 

“CVT gives well-spoken acceleration with no kickdown and present power, so it’s discerning off a line.”

“The fuel economy in city and on motorways is unbelievable. we grasp 70mpg and a series of visits we make to petrol stations has halved.” 

5. Lexus RX – 92.99% 

Key points: Large oppulance SUV gets it right in many areas, injured usually by fuel economy. 

Finishing one place above Lexus’s smaller SUV, a NX, is a large brother, a RX. Once again, owners adore a lush ambience of a cabin, where a styling, fit, finish and comfort attract glorious feedback. The RX’s front seats also come in for lots of praise, with owners revelation us they yield considerable support for a motorist and passenger.

Given a distance of a car, it’s no warn that drivers rate practicality rarely as well, while a Lexus achieves a clever fourth-place finish for infotainment and connectivity thanks, in part, to a ranking of second for a high-end stereo complement and a smartphone interface.

The RX’s float and doing measure is pegged behind by an normal rating for pushing pleasure, nonetheless there are no issues with a petrol and hybrid engines; compensation with a opening is rated behind usually a Alfa Giulia, while excellence also gets a stellar score.

Running costs is a usually area where it struggles to convince: a outcome in this area is reasonable, nonetheless fuel economy was rated flattering poorly, suggesting owners are struggling to compare a RX’s central 53.3mpg figure. 

Has it ever left wrong? 

Yes: 19.3%

Surprisingly high series of RX owners confront problems, and many censure a interior trim. 

Living with a Lexus RX

Perminder Sahota, an IT consultant from Hounslow, Middlesex, is unequivocally transparent because he chose a Lexus RX. “The car’s size, a shape, a comfort and Lexus’s repute for trustworthiness all drew me to it,” he said. “I looked during a Jaguar F-Pace, nonetheless a RX felt improved built and had some-more space in a back.”

And Perminder needs a RX’s rear-seat capacity. “Both my sons are over 6 feet tall, nonetheless they can lay anywhere in a RX with copiousness of room, even compared with other cars in a class,” he added.

Lexus’s famous courtesy to fact is transparent to see inside as well. Perminder continued: “The peculiarity is immediately obvious, and there are several tiny sum we like. The stitching on a leather, a dark storage cubby underneath a wrist rest, a slats in a foot to stop things rolling about – all this creates a RX feel like a good suspicion by car.”

Add a gentle pushing believe – “it usually floats over bumps” – and it’s transparent that, for Perminder, a Lexus has all a hallmarks of a loyal oppulance car. 

Your view 

“RX is good rounded. It’s powerful, quick and easy to drive, nonetheless offers good economy for a automobile of a size.”

“It oozes quality. With a stream RX, Lexus has taken an already good automobile and carried out tiny enhancements to make it even better.”

6. Lexus NX – 92.90% 

Key points: Futuristic indication is rated a best-built automobile in Driver Power.

Owners contend there’s no better-built car. The NX surfaced a peculiarity ratings, and tender elsewhere, too. The unconventional styling is rarely praised, as is a gentle and beautifully finished cabin. Buyers are happy on a road, too, with clever formula for ride, doing and drive.

However, dual categories stop it finishing even higher. It’s not a cheapest SUV to run, with economy ranked a unsatisfactory 61st. And a infotainment doesn’t measure too well, with Lexus’s touchpad complement an apparent bugbear. 

Has it ever left wrong?

Yes: 6.6% 

Impressive trustworthiness sees few faults reported. Braking issues are many common. 

Your view

“Great style; an surprising pattern and unequivocally distinctive. we mostly get compliments from passers by.” 

“I adore a tiny details: a leather on a dash, a resisting stitching and a aluminium switches make all a difference.” 

7. Kia Sorento – 92.85%

Key points: Satisfaction is roughly guaranteed with this unsentimental seven-seater SUV. 

Here’s explanation we needn’t bombard out on a reward code to get a hugely gratifying SUV. Owners find a Kia Sorento seven-seater super-practical, and it tops a rankings for flexibility, foot and storage. Quality and trustworthiness are rated unequivocally highly, nonetheless there are a poignant series of reported problems.

The tech is decent and easy to use, and owners are gratified with a drive, too, nonetheless there is a satisfactory volume of sound from a diesel engine. One bone of row is a claimed 49.6mpg, that receives a below-average rating. 

Has it ever left wrong? 

Yes: 23.5% 

Nearly a entertain of Sorento owners tell us of problems, with a electrics especially to blame. 

Your view 

“I don’t design a Sorento to be razor sharp; we wish a comfortable, protected expostulate – that is what we get.” 

“A efficient mile-eater on a motorway, and it handles light off-road duties equally well. It stays staid in all conditions.”

8. Toyota Verso – 92.83% 

Key points: A good ranking from family owners belies MPV’s advancing years. 

It’s easy to forget about a Verso MPV, as it’s been on sale for scarcely a decade, nonetheless it’s still providing argent use to family owners. Owners are intemperate in their regard of a chair flexibility, boot, storage and child-friendliness.

No automobile gets a aloft rating for reliability, a reserve pack attracts regard and even a expostulate is given a thumbs-up. There seem to be unequivocally few drawbacks to ownership. Gearboxes grasp usually an normal score, as does a touchscreen, nonetheless altogether this is an glorious performance. 

Has it ever left wrong? 

Yes: 13.7%

Transmission problems are many approaching if a Verso suffers a fault.

Your view

“Autonomous braking helped me when someone pulled out in front of me. It reacted quicker than me.” 

“I’m brief of stature, so prominence can infrequently be a problem – nonetheless a Verso is one of a best cars I’ve ever owned for all-round visibility.” 

9. Honda Civic – 92.50%

Key points: Latest Civic blasts into Driver Power with a cost-effective tenure experience. 

The new Civic creates an considerable Driver Power debut. Drivers are gay with many elements of tenure – especially with how cost-effective a automobile is to run. And a prominence is a tip compensation measure in a consult for servicing bills.

The easily laid-out cabin is also a winner, with child-friendliness rating well. Tech is a churned bag – a sat-nav is ranked highest, nonetheless infotainment responsiveness is seen as usually average. The expostulate is competent, not thrilling. Engine excellence is a strength; braking opening a weakness.

Has it ever left wrong?

Yes: 9.3% 

Nearly one in 10 owners news issues, generally with a electrics 

Your view 

“Brilliant engine. The 1.0-litre three-cylinder is a many versatile section I’ve come across.”

“The Type R’s doing is great, while fixed-price servicing is no some-more costly than it is for a customary Civic.” 

10. Skoda Octavia – 92.45% 

Key points: Classic clever opening from Skoda, that ranks rarely for cabin and drive.

The Octavia delivers everywhere you’d design a Skoda to. Buyers are gratified with a practicality; a foot picks adult a second tip compensation score, and storage and chair coherence are strong, even if child-friendliness is noted down. Comfort, behind space and front prominence are rarely rated, too.

Owners are happy with a engine and box, and contend a Octavia steers, brakes and handles well, nonetheless they’re reduction confident with a ride. Quality and trustworthiness are and points, nonetheless a tiny some-more visible aptitude would be appreciated.

Has it ever left wrong?

Yes: 7.3% 

Transmission woes are cited as a approaching issues if a Octavia has problems. 

Your view 

“Fit and finish is as good as I’d design in an upmarket model, let alone an affordable automobile like this.”

“It’s a family hatchback, not a go-kart, nonetheless it handles improved than we expected. It’s also so spacious; it’s like a Tardis inside.” 

Best cars to own: places 11 to 20… 

So you’ve seen a tip 10. Below are a 10 cars that usually missed out this time… 

11. Lexus IS – 92.19%
12. Honda CR-V – 92.15%
13. Mazda MX-5 – 92.12%
14. Toyota C-HR – 92.08%
15. Nissan Micra – 92.04%
16. Nissan Juke – 91.98%
17. Kia Sportage – 91.87%
18. Volkswagen Golf – 91.86%
19. Mazda CX-5 – 91.82%
20. Toyota Auris – 91.67%

Click by to page 2 for a list of winners by class, including best city car, best executive car, best immature automobile and more…

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