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Best automobile manufacturers 2018

We have already suggested the best new cars to own, as voted by you, their owners. Now it’s time to name a best new automobile manufacturers in a business, again voted by a people pushing their cars.

While makers can censor behind a success of particular models in a new automobile survey, a code check sees a whole new indication choice ranked. As with a new automobile survey, drivers who bought their automobile in a past 12 months rated their vehicles opposite 9 categories comprising a sum of 31 areas.

We quizzed motorists on all from either a extraneous looks were appealing and if a pushing position was gentle to either there was adequate room in a behind and if a infotainment complement worked as good as they expected. And as always, we asked either their cars were proof arguable and either they’d gifted any faults.

• The best new cars to possess 2018

Below we can review all about a tip 10 ranked brands. And one of a pivotal points that we took divided from this year’s consult is how several new cars have helped certain makers arise adult a rankings. The likes of Land Rover enjoyed a large boost in a ratings, no doubt helped by the new Discovery that was crowned our Car of a Year in 2017.

Another instance is Alfa Romeo; it distinguished extraordinary success with the Giulia in a new automobile survey, and a code is roving on a call of regard that a compress exec is earning from owners.

But renouned new models aren’t adequate on their possess in this survey. As you’ll review in a results, a brands that always do good are a ones with a many unchanging rankings opposite their indication ranges. 

Read on to see that manufacturers scored well, that were rated feeble by owners and, of course, that builder we voted series one this year.

Have a demeanour by a interactive information list below, or corkscrew down further to review a outline of a tip 10 best automobile manufacturers in 2018…

The tip 10 best automobile manufacturers 2018 

10. Jaguar – 90.65%

Key points: Jag’s doing and using costs impress; trustworthiness stays a concern.
Cars with reported faults: 28.1% 

10. jaguar - Best automobile manufacturers 2018

Jaguar climbs dual places in a manufacturer rankings this year, and a areas it shines in are transparent to see, as are a aspects it needs to improve.

Fifth place for engines and gearboxes, together with sixth for float and handling, prove a pushing bravery for that a association has spin famed over a decades shows no pointer of abating.

Exterior styling and build peculiarity is another area praised, while 10th place for practicality is a good outcome for a code whose SUV line-up is usually usually starting to grow. But owners contend Jag’s infotainment and connectivity offerings need to be improved, and some work on interior pattern and build is also required, as a code scored 18th in this category.

Reliability is another area where larger efforts are needed: Jaguar was ranked 20th in this area, while a high suit of owners tell us their cars have grown faults within a past 12 months.

9. Mazda – 90.97%

Key points: Fine scores for handling, reliability, design, though could be some-more practical.
Cars with reported faults: 14.8%

9. Mazda - Best automobile manufacturers 2018

Tumbling 4 places down a makers’ draft from a 2017 position competence seem a green outcome for Mazda, though a Japanese association has adequate to be happy about this year, with some unequivocally considerable particular aspects.

Chief among these are second-place scores for extraneous looks and build peculiarity – usually take a demeanour during models like the 6 and CX-5 to see because – while float and doing (again second place, and again see a 6 and CX-5) is another area of value for a company. But owners endowment ‘must do better’ ratings in a practicality category, where Mazda scores 17th, as good as in using costs, where it places 15th.

Infotainment is another area that needs improving. The code finished 14th here, suggesting that drivers don’t find a MZD-Connect complement quite discerning to use.

8. Kia – 90.97%

Key points: Fall from 2017 lectern is finished improved by crafty finishes in pivotal areas.
Cars with reported faults: 10.6% 

8. Kia - Best automobile manufacturers 2018

There are dual ways of looking at Kia’s formula this year. On one palm it forsaken 5 places from a considerable third in 2017. On a other it picked adult runners-up positions in some pivotal categories: practicality and foot space, and infotainment.

Owners clearly like Kia’s crafty touches inside, and a stretchable seating arrangements in cars like the Sorento. Tech appeals, too, with owners happy about many aspects. One probable reason for Kia’s tumble this year is a 22nd in a engine and gearbox category. You tell us we wish smoother, some-more polished engines. An 18th place for using costs suggests they need to be reduction thirsty, too.

Fourth for interior and comfort is another pivotal win for a brand, while sixth for extraneous looks means Kia’s designers are doing a good job. Cars like the Stinger should assistance it urge engine performance, and take a extraneous looks difficulty even further.

7. Land Rover – 91.05%

Key points: Big boost for Land Rover this year due to glorious interior difficulty scores.
Cars with reported faults: 18.1% 

7. Land Rover - Best automobile manufacturers 2018

Land Rover surges adult a rankings this year, jumping from 24th to seventh. It’s partly down to a tumble in a share of drivers stating a error from 22.4 per cent in 2017 to 18.1 per cent in 2018.

However, a code also ranked an considerable second for interior and comfort – no doubt helped by a flexible, high-quality new Discovery. Seventh place for engine and gearbox is a pivotal finish, display buyers like a diesel and petrol engines. A fifth place for practicality is an approaching outcome for a association focused on building SUVs. Land Rover’s third for reserve pack is interjection to copiousness of hi-tech pack that works on and off a road.

Fifth for infotainment suggests a builder is starting to spin things around after years of critique of a cabin control system. Less considerable are a brand’s 21st place for mpg and using costs, and a 16th for reliability. 

6. Skoda – 91.14%

Key points: Skoda is no longer on a podium, though drivers have lots of positives.
Cars with reported faults: 8.8% 

6. Skoda - Best automobile manufacturers 2018

Skoda ranked second in 2017, though has to settle for sixth place this time around. The VW Group code scores good in a series of categories, though there are a few blots on a measure label this year.

It ranked a startling 16th in a extraneous category, and usually 11th for float and handling. Owners seem to advise they’d like a bit some-more fad from their cars. But Skoda delivers elsewhere, a fifth place for interior and comfort is large and sixth for practicality is achieved by a series of crafty interior touches for that a organisation has spin famous over a years. Infotainment scores another sixth place as does a engine and gearbox category. Owners seem happy with using costs, too, with Skoda rating sixth in a field.

A fourth place in a trustworthiness and build peculiarity difficulty is a brand’s tip score, helped by a low share of owners stating a fault. 

5. Volkswagen – 91.15%

Key points: Nine-place rise, interjection to good engine and infotainment scores.
Cars with reported faults: 11.5%

5. Volkswagen - Best automobile manufacturers 2018

Despite a headlines, Volkswagen owners are clearly really happy with their cars’ engines and gearboxes, ranking them an considerable third here.

Another third place in a infotainment difficulty – no doubt helped by new models such as the Golf Mk7.5 and Tiguan Mk2 that come versed with copiousness of pack as customary – enabled a association to make a nine-place arise in a rankings this year. And nonetheless a engines are rarely rated for their excellence and performance, owners do tell us that economy could be better.

Inside, there’s regard for a interior peculiarity and practicality, with both categories rating inside a tip 10. Owners also arrange a brand’s products fifth in a float and doing category. Reliability is rated sixth, with around one in 10 drivers revelation us their automobile had a error of some kind in a initial year. Safety facilities were ranked a plain eighth. 

4. Nissan – 91.28%

Key points: Massive jump in draft for Nissan this year. It ranks initial for infotainment.
Cars with reported faults:10.3% 

4. Nissan - Best automobile manufacturers 2018

Nissan enjoys a thespian arise this year after carrying come 20th in 2017. First place for infotainment, connectivity and electrics positively helped.

Owners are clearly happy with a record in their cars, rating them good for sat-nav, mobile connectivity and user-friendliness. The code impresses elsewhere, too, ranking fourth for reserve facilities and an considerable third for extraneous looks. Nissan’s pattern group is clearly attack a right records – cars like the Micra have won over owners and a facelifted Qashqai is equally liked.

Elsewhere it’s a some-more churned bag of results. The code scores 12th for a engine and gearbox category, and 11th for trustworthiness and build quality.

An 11th place ranking for interior and comfort suggests owners would like to see some-more crafty touches combined from Nissan, as good as an alleviation in comfort and quality. 

3. Honda – 91.36%

Key points: Podium place interjection to initial for using costs and practicality.
Cars with reported faults: 14.0% 

3. Honda - Best automobile manufacturers 2018

Honda takes third place this year. There are several categories in that it shined, many particularly in mpg and using costs where owners rated it first.

Drivers find their cars careful and inexpensive to own, while a brand’s franchised dealers are favourite for their satisfactory prices. Third place for trustworthiness and build peculiarity suggests large repairs are unlikely, notwithstanding a 14 per cent of owners commenting about a fault. The association achieved another initial for practicality and foot space – cars like the Civic impress in this area, while Honda’s Magic Seats are a famous favourite. If a code can urge in a few some-more categories it could win a consult subsequent year.

A 14th place for a extraneous looks suggests owners wish some-more stylish cars, while a identical outcome in a float and doing difficulty hints towards a some-more beguiling pushing experience. The 17th place for infotainment also needs addressing. 

2. Alfa Romeo – 92.09%

Key points: Italian code is roving a call of praise, nonetheless trustworthiness stays a concern.
Cars with reported faults: 26.6%

2.Alfa Romeo - Best automobile manufacturers 2018

Alfa Romeo is carrying a extensive Driver Power 2018. After not being ranked final year, a Italian code now finishes in second place, holding several difficulty wins to a name.

Owners of the Giulia, Giulietta, Stelvio, MiTo and 4C are happiest when it comes to engines and gearboxes, ranking a builder initial here. Alfa receives a identical measure in a extraneous category; a swoopy lines are clearly a strike with drivers. From behind a wheel, a brand’s models are equally strong, and Alfa finished initial in a float and doing difficulty interjection to glorious feedback in doing and steering, and pushing enjoyment.

But there is work to be finished if Alfa wants to make that jump to initial place subsequent year. Most apparent is a 15th place for trustworthiness and build peculiarity – not helped by a fact that over a entertain of owners told us of problems with their automobile in a initial year. 

1. Lexus – 92.22%

Key points: Another Lexus win. Scores good everywhere, though infotainment is slipping.
Cars with reported faults: 9.0% 

1. Lexus - Best automobile manufacturers 2018

Yet another manufacturer win for Lexus. No other code can compare it in a compensation survey, with Lexus a long-lived favourite among owners.

It ranked initial in a interior and comfort stakes, interjection to glorious scores for comfort and quality, while owners also felt their cars are a safest on a market. Reliability and build peculiarity is another Lexus stronghold, with a code holding a difficulty win. The company’s products place good on using costs, too, ranking an considerable fourth in a sector. The marque’s concentration on efficient hybrids and petrol units is clearly profitable off. These same hybrid and petrol units are praised with a second place in a engine and gearbox category, too.

However, if a association wants to repeat this year’s opening in 12 months’ time, it needs to residence a infotainment category, where it ranked a lifeless (by a standards) seventh in 2018. 

You can get all of the Driver Power 2018 formula here. Don’t buy your new automobile but checking them…

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