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Winter tyre reviews 2018: formula by category

We’re not certain what Bridgestone has finished to a LM001 tyre for this EVO version, though it isn’t enough, quite in a soppy and on snow. Meanwhile, Falken finished a plain entrance in a tests, nonetheless it struggled in a soppy conditions.

The subsequent 4 tyres were really closely matched; Nokian’s WR D4 had a corner in a snow, though fared reduction good in a wet. Dunlop’s Winter Sport 5 was inconsistent, with some decent formula and some poorer ones. We couldn’t separate a Pirelli and Goodyear. The Cinturato Winter had a corner on a snow, while a UltraGrip Gen-1 valid easier on a pocket.

Yet again Hankook showed it has found something when it comes to sleet performance, though it couldn’t repeat that in other conditions.

It’s singular that a tyre picks adult a hat-trick of wins in a tests, though a Continental TS 860 has finished accurately that, nonetheless again putting together a array of tip formula in all weathers.

Winner: Continental WinterContact TS 860

It can’t compare a best in a snow, though a TS 860 stars in a cold, soppy conditions UK drivers face each winter. A estimable leader nonetheless again.


Snow braking

Snow traction

Snow circle

Snow handling

Straight aqua

Curved aqua

Wet braking

Wet handling

Wet circle

Dry braking

Dry handling

Rolling resistance

Cabin noise



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