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Tyre exam 2018: formula by category

in new tests a opening between best and misfortune has narrowed, though this is one of a closest results, with 6 tyres within one per cent of any other. Avon won’t like finishing last, though a rivals have lifted a bar.

We know Nokian can make tip winter and all-season tyres, though a summer charity has nonetheless to strech that level. Still, there was small between a zLine, Hankook and Bridgestone, and all got tighten to a tip six. 

Falken and Pirelli were unfit to apart though got their formula in opposite ways; Pirelli had a corner in a soppy and Falken on fuel economy. Goodyear lacked a small to plea a tip three, that were really close. Michelin scarcely steady a success and Dunlop starred in low water. But a leader was also a best to drive: a Continental PremiumContact 6.

Results by category


Continental PremiumContact 6

It doesn’t matter that it’s not utterly as careful as a rivals. This tyre is good to expostulate on, and a illusory all-round choice for UK roads.

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