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Tyre reviews: best automobile tyres 2018

Which are a safest, many fuel fit and quietest tyres for your car? That’s what a annual tyre exam aims to find out – and it’s some-more extensive than ever! The gait during of tyre growth is mad as drivers and automobile makers approach ever some-more performance.

That shorter growth cycle can be seen in this year’s tyre test, where not one of a 10 contenders took partial final time we tested a big-selling 225/45R17 size. To find out that of a stream stand is best for your car, we returned to Continental’s proof belligerent during Uvalde, Texas, with 10 tip brands.

Tyre labelling is pushing this quick development. It lets owners examination pivotal opening factors – soppy grip, fuel economy and pass-by sound – during a click of a mouse. And all makers are chasing a tyre labelling holy grail: tip A ratings in fuel economy and soppy grip.

But a exam covers 9 criteria, including a some-more driver-relevant cabin sound rating, dry hold and a operation of soppy highway tests. Auto Express drivers carried out all tests detached from aquaplaning, that requires special training. Rolling insurgency was rated during Continental’s Hanover RD centre in Germany.

Once again, makers were asked to commission a tyre, including speed and weight ratings, and we purchased it to safeguard we exam a tyres we can buy.

Picking a tyre that will work best for you

Our tyres are tested in 9 disciplines, covering soppy and dry assessments, as good as cabin sound and rolling resistance. In any test, a formula are converted into percentages to yield an accurate thoughtfulness of a opening differences. These percentages are afterwards combined together, with a soppy tests combining half of a formula and a rest creation adult a remaining 50 per cent.

The usually weighting we do is for cost (which has a tiny purpose to play in a safety-focused test) and to safeguard that assessments where a differences between a best and misfortune performers are large, such as aquaplaning, count a same to a altogether outcome as those where a opening in opening is small; in dry doing and cabin noise, for example, there can be reduction than 3 per cent separating a tip and bottom of a tables.

How we tested them

Wet tests

Tyre labelling only measures braking in a wet. We do, too, though we also consider cornering, doing and how a tyre copes with low H2O during speed. You’d never know it during initial peek as a vicinity are radically different, though a 1.8km Uvalde soppy doing lane is a distraction of a one during Continental’s Contidrom trickery nearby Hanover, Germany, where we’ve finished hundreds of laps in prior tests.

Even a tarmac was shipped from Europe to safeguard allied results. So there’s a informed brew of quick instruction changes, hairpins that exam traction and longer sweeps that exhibit a tyre’s balance. An normal of path times provides a result.

Alongside is a 55-metre soppy round that measures a tyre’s pristine parallel hold but aquaplaning entrance into play. You don’t wish a large breakfast before rebellious this as we tuck a nose of a automobile tighten to a middle kerb, repair a close afterwards accelerate until a line can’t be held, repeating adult to 10 times. Again, normal path times give a result.

Wet braking is totalled from 50mph to a stop regulating a rail system. A large bar is bolted opposite a front of a car, with a shoe clamping to a rail. The automobile is accelerated – no need to drive – until only over 50mph before braking. The stretch is totalled and an normal of adult to 10 runs taken to get a result.

We use a same rail for true aquaplaning. The automobile is accelerated with one circle in a water. Electronics magnitude a disproportion between a driven wheels until one is spinning some-more than 15 per cent faster than a other and a speed recorded. Again, an normal is used. For a winding aquaplaning test, a automobile is driven by a flooded territory of a 200-metre round lane during ever aloft speeds. Lateral hold is totalled until all hold is lost.

Dry tests

Since a final exam in Texas, Continental has non-stop a new dry doing track, and it’s a large alleviation on a predecessor. Out of prosaic scrubland a designers have combined a 2km lane with betterment change, off-camber turns and a severe array of high-speed instruction changes.

There’s also a long, high-speed bend that tells we all we wish to know about a tyre’s balance. We took an normal of path times to confirm a winner. The three-mile oval is used for a stop exam since it provides copiousness of time for brakes to cold between stops. We achieved a array of stops from 62mph and totalled a stretch taken.

Cabin noise

There’s no approach couple between pass-by and cabin noise, so if you’re after a quietest tyres when you’re behind a circle this is a exam we need. We coasted down from 50mph over 3 surfaces on a three-mile oval, regulating a sound scale to rate cabin noise. This was finished twice and an normal taken from any aspect – severe tarmac, well-spoken pavement and petrify – to get a final verdict.

Rolling resistance

This is pivotal to fuel economy and a reason because it’s partial of a tyre labelling legislation. Rolling insurgency measures a force indispensable to spin a installed tyre. We used an normal of formula from dual tyres, with all tests carried out to attention standards. Roughly speaking, a disproportion of around 5 per cent in rolling insurgency will meant a one per cent change in fuel consumption.


Our test-winning online tyre tradesman BlackCircles.com granted a figures, that are entirely propitious prices. They are what it charges or what it would do if a tyre is not now partial of a range.

What we tested

All of a 225/45R17 tyres had weight ratings of 94, as good as speed ratings of Y (up to 186mph). We’ve also enclosed a exam contenders’ tyre tag ratings below. These are graded A-G (A is best) for soppy hold (WG) and rolling insurgency (RR). Pass-by sound (N) is totalled in decibels; a reduce a better.

Click on a menu to a left or next for a minute examination on any tyre we tested…

  1. 1. Continental PremiumContact 6
  2. 2. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2
  3. 3. Michelin Pilot Sport 4
  4. 4. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3
  5. 5. Falken Azenis FK510
  6. 6. Pirelli P Zero
  7. 7. Bridgestone Turanza T005
  8. 8. Hankook S1 evo2
  9. 9. Nokian zLine
  10. 10. Avon ZV7

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