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Pirelli Sottozero 3 review

Like a Michelin and Bridgestone, a Sottozero 3 is not in a initial flush of youth, carrying been launched in 2013. The Cinturato Winter that finished third in 16-inch form isn’t accessible in a exam distance here, so a Sottozero appears instead. It was happiest in a dry, where it took a win in braking over dilettante Continental. It was tighten to a gait on a doing track, too, where it was underneath a second off a gait of a winning Conti. 

Elsewhere it valid reduction effective as it usually kick a Nokian in a wet. It unequivocally struggled in winding aquaplaning, that contingency be a regard for a Italian firm, and that harm a altogether soppy performance. 

The shallower H2O of a soppy round saw a win, and it felt good on a doing track. It compulsory reduction close than most, and was fast notwithstanding a pointy turn-in. But on sleet it was a step behind a leaders.

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