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Pirelli Cinturato Winter review

Pirelli repeats a third place from a final time we tested this distance when a Cinturato Winter was new. And as in 2016, it’s closely matched by Goodyear; in fact, it shares a final lectern place with a UltraGrip here.

The Cinturato Winter was some-more effective on snow, delivering a good change on a doing track. But progressing hold compulsory caring with a throttle. The usually black symbol was braking, where it indispensable about dual metres some-more than a winner.

It felt good around a soppy doing track; usually a Continental was sharper. Good traction meant it was best of a rest after a WinterContact, though was still dual seconds off a pace. The Cinturato also achieved decent formula in a other soppy tests, including a tighten second in a low H2O of true aquaplaning.

Its plea began to stutter in a dry, ranking final for braking and handling. That surefootedness in a soppy and on sleet gave approach to a soothing feel. And given it’s so new, we’d design improved economy. 

We say: “A clever display in bad conditions, though trails a best on dry surfaces.” 

Blackcircles says: “A sincerely new model, this hasn’t seen as many sales as some tyres on test. But clever formula are expected to bother a seductiveness of drivers this winter.”

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