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Nokian zLine review

Finnish code Nokian has prolonged been a tip performer in a winter and all-season tyre tests, though it seems a summer choice is still in need of work. As with others here, a zLine didn’t underline in a final 17-inch tyre test, though it was available; it was launched in 2013.

While tyres are grown via their lifecycle, it’s not easy to outperform many newer designs. Unlike Avon, a Nokian achieves some enlivening results; it matches Korean opposition Hankook whose tyres are strange apparatus on models from BMW and Mercedes.

The zLine was strongest during a pumps; it was best of a rest after a extraordinary Bridgestone. Yet it managed this while maintaining decent soppy opening – a common trade-off for a spare tyre. In soppy braking, it was right in a center of a pack, justifying a A rating.

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It was tighten to a gait setters on a round and not distant behind on a doing track. It lacked a sharpness of a best and compulsory some-more close than many rivals. It felt soft, too, nonetheless a back was good controlled. The zLine was reduction effective in a aquaplaning test, quite in a parallel measurement.

That soothing feeling, a bit like a winter tyre in a dry, carried over to a sweeps and twists of a dry doing track. Again it indispensable some-more close than a best and left a automobile feeling wallowy by longer sweeps. You have to wait a bit longer to get on a stifle as well.

Blackcircles.com says…

“Nokian is maybe improved famous for a winter tyres, so this isn’t as renouned with customers. However, it’s scored good when purchased.”


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