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Nokian WR D4 review

Overall there’s zero to select between a WR D4 and a Pirelli Sottozero 3, though how they get to that indicate is utterly different. 

The endless Ivalo proof belligerent has helped Nokian rise a tyre that kick all-comers opposite a sleet tests, detached from a conspicuous Hankook. 

The WR D4 was behind a i*cept in braking, traction and around a circle. It was fourth on a doing track, where it trailed a winning Dunlop by only over dual seconds. Nokian’s tyre also had decent traction, even when turning, that pulled a automobile by a climbing turns. It had a good change and was predicted and safe. 

In a soppy tests a Nokian struggled, in contrariety to a opening in 16-inch form. Across these tests it fared a worst, finishing a prolonged approach off a best in a organisation in winding aquaplaning. 

Away from a low H2O it unsuccessful to star, though a margins were smaller. It indispensable over 4 metres some-more than a winning Continental to stop in a wet. It was 4 seconds off a same tyre in a wet, where initial good hold was mislaid as a close was applied. The back also changed when branch off throttle. It was on-going and easy to control, though not ideal. 

In a dry a tyre achieved improved and was third in handling. It finished final for fuel economy in 2016, though was a best this time. This might have been achieved during a responsibility of soppy grip.

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