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Nokian Weatherproof tyre review

It’s another lectern finish for this former champion. As we competence design from a Finnish brand, a Nokian valid clever on snow; both it and effusive champ Goodyear had a transparent domain over rivals.

The Nokian was a star of a exam for doing in a snow, with a good change and clever traction. Nothing could hold a Nokian in a deep-water assessments. In a winding aquaplaning exam it was good forward of even a Hankook in second.

It worked reduction good in a shallower water, and a change it showed on a sleet valid some-more formidable to find. It incited in neatly though hold bled divided as a close increased.

In soppy braking it fared misfortune in a aloft temperatures, where it indispensable some-more than 3 metres longer to stop than a second-placed Nexen and 6 metres some-more than a Michelin. However, a Weatherproof was by distant a many spare tyre here.

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