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How to select a best automobile roof tent 2018

Roof tents for cars initial originated in Australia a integrate of decades ago, and they’ve been a tie on many an Aussie SUV since. In some-more new times, automobile roof tents have entered a marketplace in Europe and North America, and they are usually flourishing in popularity.

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It’s easy to see because they became so entire in Oz: a nation where camping offroad during belligerent spin will move we into neglected hit with all demeanour of reptiles and insects. These are a sorts of animals we don’t see on British shores, and is mostly a reason that automobile roof tents tend to sequence opinion among outdoorsy forms – some perspective them as adorned and needless. Cheap, they’re many positively not. But those who have invested in a automobile roof tent tend to contend they wouldn’t dream of attack a highway though it strapped to a roof rack.

A vast partial of this comes down to perfect convenience: we competence cruise manufacture a tent on a roof of your automobile will be genuine con – though in tangible fact, once they’re adult there, opening them is conspicuous easy and straightforward. Some automobile roof tents open themselves with a turnable holder handle, others with a array of clasps and straps. Some even use electric motors, with manufacturers claiming their roof tents will be prepared to go in a matter of 30 seconds.

MINI AirTop Roof Tent

But preference comes during a price, and one thing we can be positive of: automobile roof tents cost a good understanding some-more than a normal tent of a same size. So it’s value giving suspicion to possibly they are right for you. Read on to find a some-more about roof tents in a shopping beam below, before anticipating a round-up of some of a really best now available.

What camping situations are right for a automobile roof tent? 

As mentioned before, these were creatively grown for camping in a places where it is a good suspicion to be sleeping several feet above belligerent level. So cruise forward to situations where we competence be going courageous with your vehicle: maybe in hotter, drier countries; maybe in places where a belligerent is too dry or too soppy to scrupulously representation a tent with pegs and man ropes.

They’re positively not dictated for campsites, given you’ll always be given a berth with adequate space to representation a tent. But what about if you’re camping with a vast group? You competence good find yourself beholden to be means to representation a tent in that additional space – maybe some kids you’d like to leave to their possess devices. (That said, we advise toll a campsite forward of your stay to check their process on roof tents, in box we catch any astonishing costs.)

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Then there’s furious camping, that is legally accessible in Scotland – should we wish to conduct offroad and not worry about where we stop for a day, a roof tent will really come in handy. And, finally, there’s elementary convenience. After a day’s hiking or trekking, a suspicion of avoiding all a bitch of threading camping poles and pulling pegs into dirt substantially sounds really appealing.

What should we cruise before shopping a automobile roof tent?

First and foremost, a distance and capacity. How many people will be camping? Don’t cruise you’ll be calm by a measure of your automobile roof, given lots of tents overhang with a assist of stilts and have a intensity to get surprisingly large. Nor do we need to worry about carrying to pole-vault adult to your tent – any one accessible comes with a stepladder to extend we access.

But, as with all tents, always take a advertised ability with a splash of salt. If it’s a two-person tent, ready for a fact that we and your partner competence be packaged in like sardines; equally, if there’s 3 of you, a four-person tent is doubtful to be an impracticable purchase.

You’ll also need to give suspicion to your budget, and how many you’re peaceful to spend. As mentioned, you’ll need to prepared with interruption with a sizeable pile of money – automobile roof tents tend to sell during anywhere between £750 and £2,000. One thing that affects cost is possibly we get a hard-shell or soothing automobile roof tent. Hard-shell tents are those contained in a tough fibreglass surrounding – any while they cost more, in a prolonged run, your tent will be improved stable opposite a elements when not in use.

How do tents insert to a roof of a car?

You’ll need to have a roof shelve in place in sequence to repair a roof tent to your car, as many roof tents are designed to be trustworthy to a set of crossbars travelling a breadth of your automobile roof. But over that, roof tents are rarely variable as it wouldn’t fit manufacturers to be too prescriptive about  

Read a list next for some of a best automobile roof tents accessible right now…

TentBox Hard Shell Roof Tent

Price: £1,745
Capacity: Two people
Dimensions: 214 x 125 x 30cm (closed) | 214 x 125 x 100 cm (open)
Weight: 70kg

TentBox Hard Shell Roof Tent

TentBox’s automobile roof tent is of a tough bombard variety, so a board is stable from a elements inside a fibreglass surrounding when not in use. The tent itself is layered with a soothing flannel and insulated with sponge, while a bottom has a covering of memory froth bedding to give we combined comfort while we sleep. Better still, your bedding can be stored inside, so there’s no need to container your sleeping bags divided separately. It has a array of straps that let we to open it in a space of 30 seconds, and there’s a doorway on possibly side, so we can set adult a aluminium ladder during whichever is many convenient. There are also unzippable windows – with flyscreens, fortunately, to keep those buzzing intruders out. As this is a tent that won’t open adult any incomparable than a breadth of your automobile – 125cm, to be accurate – we can be certain that this is for dual people during a really max.

Buy a TentBox from Amazon here

Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent

Price: £799
Dimensions: 150×125×30cm (folded) | 240×143x126cm (unfolded)
Capacity: Three people
Weight: 50kg

Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent

Ventura positively honour themselves of this tent’s continuance in a face of Mother Nature: they contend a Deluxe is ‘capable of withstanding impassioned conditions, from reduction 27 degree, midwinter weather, to altitudes of some-more than 3,000m and a feverishness of Morocco.’ The tent itself is done of an oxford cloth board that’s 100% waterproof, breathable and UV-resistant, while a bottom is done of lightweight aluminium. Atop that is a two-inch, high-density froth mattress. The opening resource unfolds a tent in a matter of second, that extends over one side of your vehicle, pardon adult some-more space for a 3 sleepers it can accomodate. (Take note: there’s also a model accessible with an annex, for £899.) A heavy-duty waterproof cover is included, for we to strengthen it while it’s not in use.

Buy a Ventura from Amazon here


Price: £1,950
Dimensions: 142.2 x 25.4 x 121.9cm (closed) | 142 x 129 x 241cm (open)
Capacity: Two to 3 people
Weight: 62.6kg


It competence sound like an object you’ll find in a Ikea catalogue, though a Smittybilt is, in fact, a sweeping automobile roof tent that’s done of rip-stop polyester (if it tears, a rip won’t grow any bigger) and is a bolstered by a set of anodised aluminium poles. Inside a non-stop tent, you’ll find a 6cm froth mattress and an interior illuminated by a array of LED striplights for convenience. The makers publicize it as sleeping dual to 3 people, that competence sound a small wary – though given it opens adult and extends over a roof of a automobile (unlike a two-person TentBox, for example), 3 people shouldn’t be an emanate here.

Buy a Smittybilt from Amazon here

Direct 4×4 King Size Expedition Roof Tent

Price: £1,208
Capacity: Four people
Dimensions: 120 x 180 x 29cm (closed) | 240 x 180 x 130cm (opened)
Weight: 74kg

Direct 4x4 King Size Expedition Roof Tent

By automobile roof tent standards, this one’s most palatial. Not usually does this tent from Derby-based Direct 4×4 yield sleeping space above your vehicle, though also has an annexe that drops down to rest along a side of your car. You can use this additional space for anything from a place to eat and dry garments to additional sleeping space (it has a waterproof PVC groundsheet). The tent is done of durable fabric that’s double-stitched and openable with heavy-duty zips. The three-inch froth mattress in a categorical cell has a cover that we can mislay and rinse (always a and with tents, to get absolved of that pervasive flat smell), while all windows are lined with butterfly nets. 

Buy a Expedition Roof Tent here from Direct 4×4 around eBay

Direct 4×4 Mag-Tower 3 Man Hard Shell Roof Tent

Price: N/A
Capacity: Two-three people
Dimensions: 215cm x 145cm x 30cm (closed) | 215cm x 145cm x 100cm (opened)
Weight: TBC

Direct 4x4 Mag-Tower 3 Man Hard Shell Roof Tent

This second tent from Direct 4×4 is another one with a tough bombard – this one white and done of fibreglass. The tent itself is done of 600-denier polyester fabric, and is erectable with a holder hoop that we spin during one dilemma of a base. Inside, a mattress is 7cm thick, and there’s a LED light to assistance we settle down when it’s dim outside. The ability is advertised as dual to 3 people, though as it’s usually 20cm wider than a two-person TentBox, we cruise that 3 sleepers would infer a bit of a squeeze. 

Buy a Mag-Tower 3 Roof Tent from Direct 4×4 around eBay

Have we owned any of these automobile roof tents? Let us know what we cruise of them in a comments…

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