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Goodyear UltraGrip Performance Gen-1 review

A prior leader in this size, Goodyear takes fourth as in 2016. While rivals have seen large changes in happening as we switched sizes, a UltraGrip Performance maintains a decent display opposite all surfaces. 

And nonetheless again, alongside stablemate Dunlop, it proves engineers have found something when it comes to achieving good fuel economy while progressing soppy grip. Overall in a soppy it trailed a best, though a opening was sincerely small. 

It suffered many in a shoal water, and a braking outcome substantially put paid to a aloft finish. Like a Bridgestone, it indispensable only underneath 5 metres some-more to stop than a pace-setting Conti. 

Behind a circle it felt offset with good back control, though indispensable some-more close than some and was 3 seconds off a pace, a warmer temperatures not personification to a strengths as it was slower than a all-season stablemate. 

It felt even improved on a sleet where a good change and front hold are vital. It pulled we by bends and gripped though upsetting a rear. It was in row opposite a Finnish tests, entrance third with a raft of tip results. 

That sleet bravery didn’t impact a dry performance. It was only over a metre behind a winning Continental in a braking exam and reduction than a second off on a doing track. It indispensable copiousness of close though hold on well. Rounding off a plain showing, it was a quietest tyre on exam – a trait we’ve seen before.

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