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Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 review

We final tested a Asymmetric 3 in 2016 in 16-inch form, shortly after it was launched. Now dual years after it has left one improved and is noticeably closer to a leaders. Goodyear’s engineers have found something when it comes to fuel economy. This time it was among a best of a rest behind exile personality Bridgestone. It also had a useful advantage over a P Zero, that surfaced 2016’s rolling insurgency test.

Dry doing was a diseased mark in a 16-inch version, though this 17-inch tyre was closer this time to a front runners and a small over half a second off a ultimate pace. Other tyres might feel sharper, though a Goodyear hangs on good by quick sweeps and could be simply practiced on a throttle.

The tighter turns requiring some-more close were some-more of a struggle. It was a identical story on a soppy doing track, where a crook turns gave a Asymmetric 3 problems. It indispensable copiousness of close and there was a ubiquitous miss of front grip.

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That miss of opening was also seen in a soppy cornering test, where it finished ninth. And in soppy braking it indispensable over dual metres some-more to stop than a leader from Pirelli. There was an scarcely large opening between a aquaplaning results. The Goodyear finished second on a curve, though came seventh in a true test.

Blackcircles.com says…

“Positive reviews and sizes adult to 20 inches meant Eagle F1 is a clever favourite with a customers, who like a dry hold and comfort.”


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