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Falken Azenis FK510 review

This is a closest Falken has been to a tip of a tyre tests, and it’s no warn since a FK510 has finished good in other repository tyre tests opposite Europe, including a second place with a sister pretension Auto Bild in Germany.

The German-based Japanese writer has positively taken a step brazen with a FK510 from a chronicle we tested in 2016, that delivered a some-more offset opening opposite a tests.

Key to a success is that it was tighten to a winners in any test, even if wasn’t during a tip of a table. The tyre was many effective in a dry where it took a tighten second in a braking, only an normal of 40cm behind a winning Pirelli.

It might have been sixth on a doing track, though a Azenis was reduction than a second off a winning pace. Behind a circle there was a appreciative sharpness and it was good by a faster turns, where minimal tighten was required.

The Falken was reduction successful in a wet, though again wasn’t distant off a tip tyres. It was corner second in a low H2O of a true aquaplaning, nonetheless a FK510 worked reduction good when a step was twisted in a winding test.

In soppy braking it indispensable tighten to an additional dual metres to stop than a winning P Zero, and was a step behind many rivals around a doing track. The front tyres lacked a punch of a best and lots of tighten was needed. It seemed to trigger a anti-lock complement some-more straightforwardly as well.

Blackcircles.com says…

“Not a renouned seller for us during a moment, though with considerable reviews and exam scores from around Europe, this is expected to change soon.”


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