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Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 EVO review

We hoped Bridgestone’s new compounding imagination would be benefaction in a new-for-2018 LM001 EVO, though it was final opposite a sleet tests and kick usually a Nokian in a wet. Snow hold was poor, with a prolonged wait to get on a stifle and lots of back transformation when a front bit; it was identical in a wet.

The EVO was happiest in a dry, commanding a braking draft and entrance corner third on a doing track. It was also a clever performer during a pumps. 

We say: “Performance trails those of opposition products in winter conditions.”

Blackcircles says: “Not an ideal outcome for Bridgestone, though new all-season A005 now claims class-leading soppy grip, so we design this to be a really renouned choice.”

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