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Best vigour washers: 2018 organisation test

A vigour washer will assistance we quick and effectively purify your car, and they are also impossibly useful if we have a square to clean, that is since it is critical to know that are a best.

They change soil quickly, and blast sand divided from wheelarches. They’re good for your paint, too; blustering courage divided is reduction unsure than changeable it by wiping. Even environmentalists see a benefits, as vigour washers make a H2O work harder and use distant reduction than a bucket and hose. So that is a one to make your automobile cleaning as easy as possible? 

How we tested them

But with a outrageous choice, we tested a best, assessing cleaning energy on dirty slabs, measuring hoses and energy leads, and rating storage. We also looked during what we get for your income including lances, soap dispensers and brushes. Our final cause was cost – pivotal when there is a far-reaching widespread as there is here.


Karcher’s innovative K4 Full Control Home is a Best Buy. Others come tighten with considerable cleaning power, though a Karcher offers buyers a best package. 

  1. 1. Karcher K4 Full Control Home

Kärcher K4 Full Control Home

Karcher K4 Full Control Home

Price: around £250
Rating: ★★★★★
Accessories: Rota lance, square cleaner, antiseptic pod

It’s not inexpensive and has had a large cost arise given a final test, though this Home chronicle of a Kärcher includes a rotablaster pierce and square cleaner. 

The Full Control’s LED arrangement indicates what a stream pierce environment is suitable for. Hook hose storage isn’t ideal, nonetheless it was the easiest to use, with cleaning energy usually behind a Clarke. Not perfect, though good adequate to keep a crown.

It might be a Full Control complement that takes a eye – with a LED arrangement on a pierce display we a scold vigour for a pursuit being tackled – though while it’s handy, that’s not why this vigour washer takes a win. It’s a essentially good cleaner that stood out in a test. The pattern works well, with elementary storage on a behind of a section and a telescopic hoop for easy storage. This home chronicle means we also get a rotary square cleaner alongside a common blaster and non-static lances.

Bosch AQT 42-13

Bosch AQT 42-13

Price: £179
Rating: ★★★★☆
Accessories: Rota nozzle, dilemma nozzle, square cleaner

Small and compact, this is ideal if storage is during a premium. It’s also light, so is easy to lift on to a shelf. As with a Makita, a numbers don’t sound great, with usually 130-Bar vigour and 360 litres flow, though it valid to be a fastest cleaner on test, blustering by a soiled slabs. Trouble is, that minimalist pattern means compromises; storage is simple and not unequivocally easy to use since a hose needs to be coiled before being squeezed between dual hooks.

Clarke JET9500

Clarke JET9500

Price: around £216  
Rating: ★★★★☆

There’s copiousness to like about this estimable Clarke washer, not slightest a high-quality feel interjection to steel connectors and a useful eight-metre rubber hose, that isn’t disposed to kinking. The tilt works good and won’t disintegrate a appurtenance when a hose is pulled out. 

You get usually a one pierce that goes from a absolute needle indicate to delivering a flowing froth on low power. Irritatingly, it reverts to low-power mode too simply and when switched to a high environment it goes into a needle mist that could repairs a car; we need to adjust it to grasp a safer fan. 

But that 2,400W outlay ensured it had a dilemma on changeable soil when practiced to a identical fan to a rivals. A good appurtenance with a integrate of niggles.

Makita HW111

Makita HW111

Price: £137
Rating: ★★★★☆
Accessories: Rota nozzle, flow-through brush

The numbers are not considerable for this compress Makita, with usually 110-Bar vigour and 370 litres max flow, though it spotless unequivocally good and was usually usually behind a front runners. It is also a good appurtenance to use with a discerning and easy hose storage reel.

And that hose is top-quality rubber rather than a cosmetic version; it’s rarely resistant to kinking. The usually obstacle is that it is a small light on accessories subsequent to some.

Nilfisk e140.3-9 x-tra

Nilfisk e140.3-9 x-tra

Price: £225
Rating: ★★★★☆
Accessories: Rota nozzle

If income is no object, this is a appurtenance to have. It can’t utterly compare the Bosch washer for cleaning oomph, though it’s glorious and unchanging all a same. And all else about a Nilfisk cleaner oozes quality, and it’s imperishable and good suspicion out. The builder seems to have taken impulse from Dyson’s opening cleaners for quick and secure energy lead storage, while a easily long, nine-metre, top-quality hose is mounted on a entirely plumbed-in reel. An innovative joint even stops a hose from being pulled from certain angles, so a appurtenance doesn’t disintegrate over. Our usually gripes regard a reward cost and a rather simple clip-on antiseptic bottle.

Silverline 2100W Pressure Washer

Silverline 2100W Pressure Washer

Price: £104 
Rating: ★★★★☆

For many drivers on a budget, this will be a usually choice here since it’s offers a poignant saving on many identical customary competition. 

Reel storage is good, though a five-metre hose is disposed to tangling. The section can trip into low-power mode as well, nonetheless not as keenly as a Clarke. Cleaning was effective and it delivered a thick froth from a on-board reservoir.

Wolf Blaster Max2

Wolf Blaster Max2

Price: £140
Rating: ★★★☆☆ Accessories: Shampoo nozzle, dilemma nozzle, rota nozzle, square cleaner, clip-on antiseptic sprayer, additional hose, flow-through brush

The Wolf comes with a inexhaustible smattering of extras, however a pattern is not though flaws. The appurtenance has an constituent antiseptic reservoir, so we don’t know since a builder has worried with a clip-on antiseptic bottle as well. And nonetheless a additional curl of hose is welcome, since not usually fit a longer one to a appurtenance initially? Power wise, this section is composed compared with many here, and it’s a churned bag to use, too. The plumbed-in hose tilt is good, though we found it vitriolic that a pierce was a small too round to fit in a holster.

Draper 83414

Draper 83414

Price: £134
Rating: ★★★☆☆ Accessories: Corner nozzle, shampoo nozzle, rota nozzle, square cleaner, flow-through brush

Imagine this in yellow and we can see it’s associated to the Wolf. But while a Wolf offers an array of extras, total with lifeless cleaning performance, Draper has somewhat embellished behind a extras list and delivers distant some-more cleaning punch – scarcely adult to Karcher and Nilfisk levels. The 83414 is some-more pleasing to use, too. Annoying Wolf quirks, such as that overly parsimonious pierce storage holster, don’t seem to impact this machine.

Clarke JET9000

Clarke JET9000

Price: £192
Rating: ★★★☆☆ Accessories: None

A heavyweight vigour washer that feels some-more designed for a trade than something you’d need for home use. But while cleaning energy is clever and consistent, it’s no improved than the Karcher or Nilfisk deliver, and it really trails the Bosch. So this is a pricey package deliberation a miss of accessories. Quality is good, and there’s an eight-metre hose on a plumbed-in reel, though we don’t even get a rotary blaster nozzle; a normal tractable mark to fan pierce is all Clarke includes.

Best vigour washers 2018

  1. 1. Kärcher K4 Full Control Home
  2. 2. Bosch AQT 42-13
  3. 3. Clarke JET9500
  4. 4. Makita HW111
  5. 5. Nilfisk e140.3-9 x-tra
  6. 6. Silverline 2100W
  7. 7. Wolf Blaster Max2
  8. 8. Draper 83414
  9. 9. Clarke JET9000

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