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Best vigour washer shampoo 2018

A vigour washer is one of a biggest investments some of us will make for a automobile cleaning regime, so it pays to get a many out of it by regulating a scold shampoo. A good one will disencumber dirt, enabling some-more of it to be bloody away, and withdrawal usually a skinny covering to be private with a mitt. Not usually is this easy on a arms, it also means there is reduction possibility of courage being dragged opposite a paintwork.

In a query for a best cleaner, we sprayed a 8 shampoos on marked-off sections, withdrawal them however prolonged a instructions required, before rinsing from a same stretch and for a same time. The final cause we deliberate was a cost and value for money. 


  • • Winner: Bilt Hamber Surfex HD
  • • Angelwax Fastfoam
  • • Ultimate Finish Ultimate Snow Foam
  • • Gtechniq W Citrus Foam

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