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Best interior trim cleaner 2018

Whether your automobile spends many of a life in a garage or pulsation adult and down motorways, it will still need a attentions of a trim cleaner. Even if it’s left parked up, dirt will collect and will need removing, while high mileage will see a effects of mud, dampness and dishes on a pierce take their toll.

A few mins with a microfibre cloth and a cleaner can make a genuine difference; there’s zero like crumbs in a console to take a pleasure out of pushing a car.

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Motorists have a series of cleaners to select from, trimming from those that usually purify to versions that aim to strengthen and supplement a shine. Our tip 4 had to tackle dusty fruit juice, butter and ground-in chocolate on a grained interior row with singular wiping to succeed. 

How we tested them

To see what we should use on tough surfaces like plastics and vinyl, we put chocolate, margarine and dusty extract on a panel. Limited wiping suggested that of the products finished many swell after any of dual runs, and we rated a altogether finish. Cost was also a factor.


Dodo Juice Total Wipe Out

Dodo Juice Total Wipe Out

Price: Around £14
Size: 500ml
Rating: 5.0 

Our reigning champion in this exam takes a win again, though it was strong close. We couldn’t apart it from a Auto Curators cleaner on a panel, so Dodo Juice retains a climax on price. And that advantage was bigger than it appears as we were sent a bottle of a refill concentrate, definition this 500ml container creates 5 litres of cleaner. We used it diluted and it steady a opening of the ready-mixed version, withdrawal a totally purify row during a end.

Auto Curators Gentle Interior Cleanser

Auto Curators Gentle Interior Cleanser

Price: £16
Size: 1,000ml
Rating: 4.0

Dodo Juice might have kept a crown, though new products turn out a tip four, led by Auto Curators that impresses again. It can be used on fabrics as good as tough surfaces – ideal if storage is limited.

For plastics mist it on a cloth before wiping. It precisely matched a leader on a exam trim over both attempts, though trails on price. If we wish a pleasing smell, go for Auto Curators with a citrus aroma.

Halfords Dash  Trim Cleaner

Halfords Dash  Trim Cleaner

Price: Around £4
Size: 500ml
Rating: 4.0 

Halfords has positively found something when it comes to interior cleaning. It’s a stream upholstery favourite and now Dash Trim Cleaner finishes a tighten third in this test.

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It was a hold behind a tip two, withdrawal traces of a wily chocolate and margarine on a panel. But, ignoring a diluted Dodo Juice, it was a cheapest on test, display pricier cleaners how it should be done.

Farécla G3 Professional Super Dressing

Farécla G3 Professional Super Dressing

Price: Around £9
Size: 500ml
Rating: 4.0 

New Farécla Super Dressing is a usually one of a tip 4 that aims to leave a finish. Our excellent pellet exam row positively looked clean, though there was no over-the-top gloss. It earns a place here especially on cleaning power, though; it was one of a few to change a ground-in chocolate after dual gos. It finished good inroads on a margarine, too. Super Dressing can also be used to supplement a gleam to engine bays after cleaning.

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