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Best automobile chair covers and protectors 2018

The best automobile chair covers can assistance your automobile reason on to some-more of a value come resale time, so it pays to demeanour after them. But that protectors should we buy? To find a best we tested 8 front and back multiple sets on a Renault Clio.

They were all ‘universal’, that means they will fit some cars improved than others. Not all are concordant with leather or exhilarated seats, or those with airbags, and zero was suitable for sports or bucket seats. Consider a back fitments if we have a split-folding facility; some products work on a full 40/50/60 range, since others offer zero during all. On some cars, it might be compulsory to cut a covers to fit seatbelt buckles and catches.

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How we tested them

We noted any product on how good it stayed in place by removing into and out of a automobile 5 times. Ease of fitment and instructions were also logged. Then we belligerent in light sand and vacuumed it up, before dirty on a brew of olive oil, fruit juice, coffee and tobacco charcoal to see if it stained. We dragged a hoop brush opposite a tiny area to exam durability. The final cause was price.

Walser Zipp-It Allessandro Seat Covers

Price: Around £38
Rating: 5.0

Claiming a 90 per cent marketplace coverage, a Zipp-It covers featured lots of zips: on a tops of a front seats for easy headrest fitting, and sides to accommodate a push for two-door models. With apart front squabs, there was no movement, nor any pointer of durability dirty and usually a smallest wear from a brush test. We favourite a instruction leaflet, congested with transparent diagrams. In a rear, a backrest featured 3 zips suitable for all a split-fold types, nonetheless a headrest holes had to be cut. 

Cosmos Carrera Leatherlook Seat Covers 14723

Cosmos Carrera Leatherlook Seat Covers 14723

Price: £43
Rating: 4.0

The priciest set we tried, a fake-leather ruched finish was impressive. They are accessible in red, blue and beige, and for seven-seater cars. Three back backrest zips offer full folding separate options but, like a front, we contingency cut holes for a headrests and sign with spike varnish. Our mark mixture wiped off and a hoop brush had no effect. The slits down any side of a backrests done them a tad baggy, though they didn’t move.

Halfords Essentials Seat Covers

Halfords Essentials Seat Covers

Price: £20
Rating: 4.0

This well-priced set featured a fascinating 40/50/60 zipped sections for a back seat. The front covers had no cut for a lean hoop and, while there were no headrest zips, cosmetic collars were enclosed to sign a holes that had to be made. The instructions could be clearer and also warned about colour transfer. There was a small dirty and imprinting from a brush, and a wise on a backrest could have been tighter. 

Halfords Paris Car Seat Covers

Halfords Paris Car Seat Covers


Price: £35
Rating: 3.0

Zips on a front chair covers of this reward set authorised headrest positioning and a side push where required. The textured centre territory was gentle and rebuffed attempts to mark it, though a hoop brush somewhat noted a plain side panels. There was usually one executive zip in a rear, that would impede those with 40/60 splits. Not suitable for exhilarated seats, a instructions pronounced soppy covers should be private and dusty due to colour transfer. 

Sakura Camden Seat Covers SS5295

Sakura Camden Seat Covers SS5295

Price: Around £22
Rating: 3.0

As with 5 out of a 8 sets, a fronts were one-piece. They propitious good and could be cumulative tightly, with a headrests wise into slits during a top. They stayed put in a transformation tests and vacuuming didn’t impact them. There was some gloomy dirty and equally light imprinting from a brush. Uniquely, they featured gentle built-in front lumbar supports. The back backrest had no zips, so a split-fold duty couldn’t be used. 

Cosmos Domino Grey Seat Covers 1095302

Cosmos Domino Grey Seat Covers 1095302

Price: Around £40
Rating: 3.0

A glossy velour finish meant a covers looked a bit flashy, though they weren’t homely and were comfortable. The aspect worked since a mark wiped off and a hoop brush had no effect. The front covers were utterly baggy, with a twin side slits permitting parallel movement, though a spray stayed put. Fitting headrests compulsory hole-cutting and spike varnish. Yet a triple-zipped back backrest creates a Cosmos suitable for split-fold options. 

Sakura Carnaby Green Seat Covers SS5294

Sakura Carnaby Green Seat Covers SS5294

Price: Around £19
Rating: 3.0

In essence, this set was a same as a Camden, though though lumbar supports. They had a side cut to concede for chair adjustment, and a 100 per cent polyester one-piece fronts propitious good and didn’t move. There was a unequivocally slight shade where we practical a stain, though a hoop brushing constructed conspicuous fluff. The back backrest was a singular square but, being a second cheapest set, it’s value a demeanour if split-folding is insignificant to you. 

Argos Simple Value Seat Covers

Argos Simple Value Seat Covers

Price: £17
Rating: 2.0

The Argos covers were a cheapest on exam and their pattern was as good as most. But it was a usually set that wasn’t airbag friendly, that unequivocally boundary a application; a Sakura sets and Halfords Essentials were within £3 and were suitable for airbags. It came with usually 4 headrest covers and a backrest had no ‘bib’ to secure it, that authorised some movement. It hold a mark shade in a spray that was some-more conspicuous than on a rivals. 

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