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Volkswagen’s large pierce into 3D printing

FRANKFURT — Volkswagen Group is operative with HP, a world’s largest builder of personal computers, to confederate a mass prolongation of 3D steel tools into a automobile manufacturing.

HP has grown a “Metal Jet” printer, that UK engineering organisation GKN is regulating to furnish tools for Volkswagen, a initial automaker to use a technology.

In contrariety to normal 3D printers, a new routine uses an addition routine in that tools are constructed covering by covering regulating a powder and binder. The member is afterwards “baked” into a lead member in a supposed sintering process. This differs from prior processes in that powder is melted by means of a laser, that is significantly some-more expensive, VW pronounced in a statement.

The biggest advantage to this new process is that it improves capability by fifty times compared to other 3D copy methods, depending on a component, VW says. For a initial time, mass prolongation of 3D tools has turn a existence in a automotive industry, a automaker said.

GKN, that creates some-more than 3 billion components a year, expects to be means to imitation millions of production-grade tools regulating a complement as early as subsequent year for VW. Initially, VW will start out with cosmetic equipment such as customized automobile pivotal rings and nameplates that drivers can put on their case lid or door.

The initial mass-produced “structural” components for a automaker’s vehicles are approaching within dual to 3 years.

While VW expects to boost a use of 3D-generated tools over time, it says that during aloft volume, other prolongation methods still sojourn some-more economical.



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