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Pierburg invests in new product lines for South Carolina plant

Pierburg is amping adult prolongation during a U.S. plant to pierce a new era of record to market.

The company, a section of Germany’s Rheinmetall Automotive, is spending some-more than $10 million to launch 4 new product lines this year during a plant in Fountain Inn, S.C., including a leading-edge solenoid valve designed to assistance automakers make their engines some-more efficient.

The plan illustrates a trend in prolongation collateral spending today: As automobile suppliers hurl out technologies, many are relying on some-more programmed and fit prolongation processes to make a work fit into existent plant footprints.

A decade ago, Pierburg’s plant constructed 7 products. It now has 15 product lines, with other additions planned, pronounced Stevan Zivanovic, Pierburg’s president.

He pronounced a new prolongation lines this year will need a multiple of automation, robotics and modernized training.

“We’re augmenting a competencies of a work force,” Zivanovic told Automotive News. “It’s not usually a further of some-more modernized components, though also a introduction of new prolongation concepts that need a aloft ability set and some-more versatility.”

Pierburg, that reserve actuators, glimmer systems, pumps and valves to many North American automakers, generated some-more than half of Rheinmetall’s $3.35 billion in tellurian automotive sales final year. Rheinmetall’s other original-equipment business, Kolbenschmidt, essentially reserve pistons and bearings.



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