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BMW creates $4.7 billion understanding with China’s CATL for battery cells

MUNICH — BMW skeleton to source 4 billion euros’ ($4.7 billion) value of battery cells from Chinese battery builder Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. over a subsequent few years, a carmaker’s purchasing arch pronounced on Monday.

The long-term agreement sees $1.76 billion in battery cells entrance from a new CATL plant in Erfurt, Germany, Markus Duesmann pronounced in Munich. The rest will come from China.

A agreement for a construction of a new plant was due to be sealed on Monday during a revisit to Germany by China’s Premier Li Keqiang.

There have been warnings that Europe’s miss of a possess prolongation capabilities for a cells that energy electric cars could leave a automobile attention unprotected and too reliant on others.

Tesla owner Elon Musk has oral about locating a battery ‘Gigafactory’ nearby a Franco-German border, in a closeness of a Grohmann Engineering division.

Duesmann pronounced BMW had invested in some of a costs for a CATL bureau in Erfurt, though declined to contend how much.

He pronounced BMW was investing in dungeon investigate though a preference on either to furnish battery cells itself had not been made.



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“I don’t order it out,” he said.

BMW is “very comfortable” with dual suppliers of battery cells during a moment, though could supplement a third and is in talks with 8 manufacturers, he added.

He pronounced he would acquire it if other automakers also wanted to deposit in a Erfurt plant.

However, BMW has no skeleton to jointly squeeze cells with opposition Daimler, he said, since of a rival advantage that can be gained if batteries give larger operation or can be charged faster.

Daimler pronounced a plan was to buy components where they are produced. “We acquire a preference of CATL to make in Germany and are in talks per this,” a orator said.

BMW is sourcing tender materials for a cells itself to pass to a battery makers, in sold cobalt, and is now negotiating long-term contracts.

Duesmann pronounced BMW would usually interpretation contracts where evil conditions and child work were ruled out. It pronounced it was not sourcing cobalt from mines in Congo.

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