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Used Kia Sportage review

Kia had done outrageous swell in improving a picture before a third-generation Sportage arrived usually over 7 years ago, yet this automobile unequivocally authorised a code to spin a corner.

Showrooms and British roads were already awash with compress SUVs when a Sportage Mk3 appeared. Yet while many of them unsuccessful to mount out from a category crowd, a Kia’s judgment automobile styling still looks pointy today.

And it wasn’t usually a flattering face, since it was also labelled keenly and came with an industry-leading seven-year warranty. The Sportage’s success was assured, and 7 years on it still creates an glorious used buy. 

Models covered

  • Kia Sportage Mk3 (2010-2016) – Sharp-looking SUV is arguable and good value, and is a clever used buy.
  • Kia Sportage Mk2 (2004-2010) – Look over a styling and a Kia Sportage is a excellent used buy. 

Kia Sportage Mk3

Used Kia Sportage Mk3 - full front


The Sportage Mk3 reached showrooms during a finish of 2010 with 1.6 or 2.0-litre petrol engines and 1.7 or 2.0 CRDi diesels. The smaller engines had front-wheel drive, while a 2.0-litre versions got four-wheel expostulate as customary and an discretionary involuntary transmission.

At initial there were 3 trim levels (1, 2 and 3, with 4WD models removing a KX prefix); by Jul 2012 there was an even some-more lush KX-4 edition, too.

A facelifted Sportage was introduced in Feb 2014, with additional equipment, some-more options and teenager styling tweaks. The 1,200 limited-edition Axis models were expelled in Jul 2015. Offered with 1.6 GDi or 1.7 CRDi engines, these sat between a 2 and 3 trims. An all-new Mk4 Sportage was introduced in 2016. 

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Which one should we buy?

How we devise to use a Sportage creates a large disproportion to what we should buy. Four-wheel-drive versions are parched yet good for towing, a 1.6 GDi is excellent for internal trips and peculiar prolonged drives, while a 1.7 CRDi has a best change of economy and opening for bland use.

Used Kia Sportage Mk3 - rear

All diesel Sportages have a DPF and 5 seats, while customary apparatus includes amalgamate wheels, journey control, air-con, powered windows, Bluetooth and a multifunction steering wheel.

2 trim adds reversing sensors, a potion roof and part-leather trim, and 3 brings full leather upholstery, exhilarated seats front and rear, xenon headlights and dual-zone meridian control and 18-inch amalgamate wheels. The KX-4 indication adds self-parking, and a 181bhp 2.0 CRDi engine instead of a customary 134bhp unit. 

Alternatives to a Kia Sportage Mk3

The compress SUV marketplace is superfluous with options. If value is pivotal we’d drive we towards a Ford Kuga and Hyundai ix35, while a Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and Nissan Qashqai are all value a look.

The Nissan is a usually one accessible in seven-seat form, as a Qashqai +2, nonetheless this automobile is really many a 5+2.

If your bill allows we should demeanour during a Audi Q3 and Q5, a BMW X3 and a Land Rover Freelander; they’re all some-more special than a Kia, yet can’t compare a value. Your shortlist should also enclose a Mazda CX-5, Skoda Yeti and Volkswagen Tiguan, all of that offer fit engines and decent dynamics, and copiousness of kit, too, in many cases. 

What to demeanour for: 


Front seats can humour tears along a sides of a bottom nearby a front, since of swelling from a chair frame. 

Used Kia Sportage Mk3 - chair detail


Some 1.7 CRDi owners news a detriment of power. A new fuel filter can repair this, yet a some-more expected means is low coolant level. 


The customary headlights are poor, so many owners ascent a bulbs. Even a xenon equipment aren’t great. 


Corroded alloys aren’t surprising and a automobile we ran suffered with them. The guaranty should cover a fix, though.


Comfortable seating, copiousness of space for 5 (in terms of both conduct and legroom) and decent-quality materials supplement adult to an appealing cabin. While a pattern is by no means exciting, a lurch is clearly laid out and a foot is usefully sized, too; it’ll reserve 564 litres with a back seats in place, or 1,353 litres when they’re folded. 

Used Kia Sportage Mk3 - dash

Running costs

Services are compulsory each 20,000 miles or 12 months. Each is labelled differently, yet they fundamentally swap between teenager and major. Costs operation from £59 to £329, yet you’ll typically compensate £60 to £200.

Engines are chain-driven, so there are no cambelts to change. Brake liquid needs renewing each 24 months and uninformed coolant is compulsory each decade or 120,000 miles. Air-con should be confirmed each dual or 3 years, during £79. Three and five-year use packs were accessible from new and are negotiable with a car, so see if a impending squeeze has one. 


Two recalls so distant is a flattering good record. The initial came in Jun 2013, since some Sportages done adult to Sep 2011 had stop light switches with inadequate contacts. This led to problems with a ESP, journey control and rigging preference in involuntary cars.

The second recall, in May 2014, was for Sportages built from Aug 2011 to Mar 2012. The seatbelt pre-tensioners in these could destroy during a crash. 

Driver Power owners satisfaction

The Sportage came 21st in a Driver Power 2017 used automobile compensation survey, violence a Mk1 Nissan Qashqai and a Mk3 Toyota RAV4, yet not a Land Rover Freelander 2. Reliability, infotainment, reserve and practicality were a best areas; using costs were a worst, with a engine and gearbox also noted down. 


We have always been large fans of a Sportage, generally after we ran a 1.7 CRDi for a year and 30,000 miles on a fleet. “The styling is spot-on, and a rest of a package won’t disappoint,” we pronounced in a verdict. “If we could make improvements, we’d like to see crook doing and somewhat some-more performance, yet that’s it.”

Reviews on carbuyer.co.uk uncover a Sportage is generally a strike with owners, yet some have suffered bad use from their Kia garage in a eventuality of a problem. While a seven-year guaranty is impressive, we need to settle how good your internal play is before handing over any income – not that you’re expected to confront many trustworthiness issues.

Click by to page dual for our full buyer’s beam on a Kia Sportage Mk2 sold from 2004 to 2010…

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