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Used Audi A1 review

Some manufacturers build their smaller cars to reduce standards to save cash, nonetheless not Audi. So when we buy an Audi A1, it’s done with a same courtesy to fact as an A4 or Q5; we usually compensate for a privilege.

This indication is really a reward product, so if you’re strapped for cash, you’ll have to emporium elsewhere. But if we can means one, a A1 is a good choice to some of a some-more apparent oppulance tiny cars out there. When we ran a 1.4 TFSI on a fleet, it valid really renouned interjection to a proud engine, high-quality cabin, and clever comfort and refinement. 

Models covered

The A1 was Audi’s initial try into a supermini market. It launched in 2010 and has been on sale for 8 years to date.

  • Audi A1 (2010-date) – Premium supermini is a excellent used choice, nonetheless comes during a price.

Audi A1

Used Audi A1 - full front


The A1 debuted in three-door induce guise in late 2010 with 1.2 TFSI or 1.4 TFSI petrol engines, or a 1.6 TDI diesel. All had primer gearboxes, and a 1.4 primarily delivered 120bhp, nonetheless shortly after a 182bhp book with an S tronic dual-clutch automobile arrived.

The 1.6 TDI claimed CO2 emissions of 105g/km during launch; in summer 2011, this was cut to 99g/km. Audi launched a five-door Sportback in open 2012, usually before a 2.0 TDI engine. The 138bhp 1.4 TFSI Cylinder on Demand (CoD) of 2013 close down dual of a 4 cylinders when cruising to cut CO2.

A Nov 2014 facelift brought styling tweaks, additional pack and cleaner engines to a A1 range, including a 1.0-litre TFSI three-cylinder petrol section to reinstate a 1.2 TFSI. From this indicate on, a S tronic dual-clutch gearbox was accessible with any engine. 

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Which one should we buy?

None of a engines is weak, and all offer decent economy; a 1.2 TFSI and 1.6 TDI yield improved opening than we competence expect. The seven-speed dual-clutch box is good to use as it provides primer control with quick involuntary shifts and probably no fuel expenditure penalty. All A1s come with amalgamate wheels, electric windows, ESP, air-con, height-adjustable front seats and an eight-speaker CD/tuner.

Used Audi A1 - rear

Sport spec brings bigger 16-inch alloys, stiffer suspension, sports seats, a multifunction steering circle and multimedia. S line spec adds 17-inch wheels, part-leather trim, LED interior lighting and black headlining. The S line carries a large reward over a SE and Sport; nonetheless a SE is good versed and a comfiest edition, too, so it’s all we need.

Alternatives to a Audi A1

The MINI is a A1’s many apparent rival, nonetheless it has a most smaller boot. Plus, a five-door arrived usually recently, so prices sojourn high. The DS 3 plays a value label heavily, and it’s some-more stylish and spacious. There’s no five-door option, nonetheless you’ll get some-more for your income and a bigger boot.

Alfa Romeo’s MiTo is sporty and stylish, nonetheless it’s not really unsentimental and suffers unsatisfactory ergonomics. The Fiat 500 has concept appeal, while a Abarth editions are quick and distinctive. While it’s cute, fun to expostulate and reliable, a 500 comes usually as a three-door, and practicality is bad interjection to a tiny foot and close behind seats. 

What to demeanour for: 


The A1’s cabin has a same upmarket feel as Audi’s bigger models, and it’s good laid out. Space is good in a front, nonetheless back conduct and legroom are parsimonious in three-door cars and entrance is awkward, too. The foot binds 270 litres – some-more than a MINI nonetheless reduction than a DS 3. 

Used Audi A1 - dash


Rattles from a front doors indicate to a linkage for a doorway close resource relocating about. It’s elementary adequate to repair a issue, though; all we need is a wire tie.


Not all A1s came as customary with exhilarated doorway mirrors, most to a apparent beating of owners, who have set adult a debate to get them retro-fitted.


On cars versed with xenon lights, a Perspex headlamp housing can symbol by overheating. This problem can be bound underneath warranty. 


Instead of a gangling wheel, there’s a compressor with sealant. Depending on that options a strange owners selected, there might be no room for a gangling circle in a A1. 

Used Audi A1 - sealant

Running costs

Owners can select between bound or non-static servicing. The former means a check each 9,000 miles/12 months, while a latter allows adult to 19,000 miles and dual years. Fixed services cost around £185; non-static check-ups are around £290. Cars over 3 years aged are authorised for fixed-price servicing, during £159 (interim) and £309 (major); it’s value shopping a automobile with a pre-paid servicing package.

Only diesel models have a cambelt, that needs to be transposed each 5 years or 75,000 miles; on after cars, this stretches to 140,000 miles. Dealers assign £731 for a new belt with a uninformed H2O pump, or £572 but a pump; these prices dump to £599 and £455 respectively from a car’s third birthday.

Used Audi A1 - side


Even nonetheless a A1 is scarcely 6 years old, it has nonetheless to be recalled. Despite Audi’s endless indication range, a association has released usually 9 recalls in sum given a A1 arrived, nonetheless some influenced some-more than one model.

The kinds of issues that have forced recalls on bigger Audis embody fuel leaks, airbag glitches and potion roofs ruinous or leaking. Some models have suffered from stop servo problems, heading to a detriment of braking assistance. But a A1 has been defence to all this. 

Driver Power owners satisfaction

The A1 rose dual places to 150th in a Driver Power 2016 survey, that is unsatisfactory for a reward automobile that’s still comparatively new. It managed dual tip 100 difficulty ratings, for build peculiarity (73rd) and opening (71st); 109th place for using costs, 128th for trustworthiness and 106th for doing are poor.

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