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Range Rover Evoque SD4 diesel 2018 review

The Range Rover Evoque has been one of a many desirable SUVs in a UK given it was launched in 2011, and Land Rover has wisely tinkered usually somewhat with a looks. Instead, a many vital changes are underneath a skin.

The engines, in particular, have been a concentration of a company’s attention, with a operation of Ingenium units being introduced. The latest to join a choice is a range-topping SD4 diesel, with dual turbochargers assisting it to furnish a large 237bhp and 500Nm.

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It’s a initial time Land Rover has used this ‘series-sequential boosting’ system, with a smaller turbo assisting during low revs, and a incomparable second turbo fasten in during aloft engine speeds. In fact, this is a many absolute engine in a operation (along with a Si4 petrol unit), as good as a section with a many torque.

Range Rover Evoque SD4 - rear

It’s adequate to give a automobile gait not distant brief of what you’ll find in a similarly-priced Porsche Macan S Diesel, though with improved claimed fuel economy.

Once you’ve got a Evoque adult and running, it’s a torque that creates a many durability impression. With rise lift nearing during usually 1,500rpm, it responds really keenly in flattering many any conditions – and positively some-more quick than we would design of a four-wheel-drive automobile that weighs good over 1,800kg.

If we have a criticism, it’s that a Range Rover doesn’t feel as discerning as a 6.9-second 0-60mph time suggests. But opposite country, this is a quick car.

Range Rover Evoque SD4 - dash

At these speeds and in these situations, too, a involuntary gearbox is operative during a best. On a motorway or unconditional categorical roads, a Evoque SD4 is a really pleasing companion.

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However, around city or on tighter, twistier roads, things aren’t utterly so rosy. In particular, a additional energy of a engine shows adult a shortcomings of a transmission; it can onslaught to work out that of a 9 gears during a ordering is a many suitable during any given moment.

It seems to onslaught many when we are entrance on and off a accelerator pedal – when we are in complicated trade or encountering a array of junctions or roundabouts, for example. What happens is that, when we lift off and start to coast, a gearbox shifts adult a rigging or two, so when we afterwards get behind on to a stifle to collect adult speed again, a set-up is a small wavering to flog down. And when it does, it engages a rigging with a genuine jolt.

Range Rover Evoque SD4 - off-road

To make matters worse, in complicated trade around town, we notice how plain-spoken a engine is during low revs, when it’s operative tough to get dual tonnes of automobile and a essence moving. And interjection to a 20-inch wheels propitious to a exam indication as partial of a HSE Dynamic trim, we also feel all a bumps that spawn city streets. The other cost we compensate is when we buy a automobile in a initial place. This diesel is accessible usually with a tip trims – HSE Dynamic and above – and it’s a many costly engine in a Evoque range.

As a result, nonetheless prices for an SD4 start during £48,250, you’ll compensate during slightest £50,000 to get one on a road. And last, though not least, a additional energy does a Evoque’s potency no favours.

Whereas a 178bhp TD4 has claimed fuel economy of 55.4mpg when interconnected with an involuntary gearbox, and isn’t accurately slow, a allied figure in this SD4 is 48.7mpg; and a aloft CO2 emissions will move bigger taxation bills for association automobile users, too.

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