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New Volkswagen Golf R Performance Pack 2018 review

The ultimate chronicle of a Volkswagen Golf has been upgraded with a further of a new Performance Pack option, that adds £2,300 to a cost of a flagship R prohibited hatch. 

It’s a informed name, as a Performance Pack is already a pivotal choice on a Golf GTI. On that car, a upgraded automobile gets a useful energy boost and a limited-slip differential, adding an additional dimension to a GTI’s ability on a road. 

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That’s not definitely a box with a R, however. The container boasts new 19-inch amalgamate wheels with wider tyres, bigger brakes and a new spoiler that adds additional downforce. The container also removes a Golf’s tip speed limiter, so it can keep accelerating to 166mph. 

Volkswagen Golf R Performance Pack - rear

That’s apparently not applicable on UK roads, and while a other additions meant that a Golf R with a Performance Pack is essentially some-more means than one without, it’s not mostly that you’ll notice many difference.

The bigger brakes are a many acquire upgrade, as they broach illusory interlude power. That’s useful when you’re pushing a automobile as discerning as a Golf R: with 306bhp, it’s still one of a many manly prohibited hatchbacks on sale. 

The Performance Pack is usually accessible on Golf Rs with a DSG gearbox fitted. That’s a shame, as a primer chronicle is some-more involving to drive, though there’s no doubt that a dual-clutch box offers faster shifts. It’s well-spoken adequate to be gentle in each day traffic, too. 

Another choice that’s new, and that was propitious to a exam car, is a Akrapovič titanium sports exhaust. This costs another £2,975, though to some it will be value it. With a programmed valves entirely open, a complement sounds heartless and adds a hold of impression to a differently lifeless engine underneath a carp of a Golf R. 

The many critical choice to go for stays a Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), however, that costs usually £850. This allows we to change a cessation settings between Eco, Normal and Race modes. In Normal it’s organisation though compliant, while in Race mode it’s still means to understanding with oppressive bumps though upsetting a chassis. In any setting, however, a Golf R feels definitely planted to a highway though being so oppressive it’s uncomfortable. 

Volkswagen Golf R Performance Pack - dash

With four-wheel expostulate traction and loads of hold in corners, a Golf R is means to put a outrageous opening down in any weather. It’s this fact that will attraction it hugely to many drivers, though ultimately, it’s usually not as rewarding as a Honda Civic Type R or even a Golf GTI. 

It’s usually in a excellent sum of motorist impasse that a Golf R falls down, though: it ticks flattering many each box we can consider of. It’s fast, practical, pretty economical, full of a latest tech and gentle adequate to expostulate each day.

However, we’d hang with a customary R, as a Performance Pack doesn’t paint quite good value. Better still go for a more-fun and many cheaper GTI.

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