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New Vauxhall Insignia GSi Sports Tourer 2018 review

A entertain of a century after a GSi badge initial seemed on a Vauxhall, a letters that used to symbol out a company’s high-performance models are behind – on a range-topping chronicle of a new Insignia.

In outcome a deputy for a VXR, a Insignia GSi is accessible in dual bodystyles: a Grand Sport induce and a Sports Tourer estate we’re pushing here. Buyers have a choice of a diesel engine, too. The 207bhp section we’re contrast is a usually choice to a 256bhp petrol motor, in fact.

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Thanks to a sports suspension, a GSi sits 10mm reduce than a unchanging model, and a 20-inch alloys, bespoke bumpers and sills, LED headlights and radiant empty pipes all make it mount out from obtuse Insignias. Inside, a glorious leather sports front seats and a flat-bottomed steering circle are also singular to a GSi, as is a head-up display.

Vauxhall Insignia GSi Sports Tourer - rear

However, when we initial expostulate off in this ‘sports model’, we might consternation what all a bitch is about. The eight-speed involuntary delivery is utterly delayed to get a automobile going, so it doesn’t seem all that discerning in stop-start traffic.

Things urge out of town, though a GSi never feels quite fast. In part, that’s since of a comparatively delayed approach in that a automobile box responds – nonetheless Sport mode speeds things adult or we can change rigging manually. But it’s also since this is a complicated car, weighing some-more than 1,800kg.

The sports chassis, on a other hand, is many some-more impressive. The GSi positively has a somewhat firmer feel, though it’s distant from uncomfortable. Thanks to a FlexRide adaptive damping system, drivers have several modes to select from, though we found Normal to be a best change for bland use. The settings also impact a response of a steering, gearbox and throttle.

Overall, a GSi is a small softer in a approach it drives than a aged VXR. But with a customary four-wheel-drive complement (including torque vectoring), a altogether outcome is a automobile that feels tremendously sure-footed. There’s loads of hold from a tyres, and interjection to a glorious traction, we can put a energy down really shortly as we come out of a corner.

The Brembo brakes do a good job, too, though a one diseased couple is a steering, that never provides adequate feedback. And that, sadly, means a GSi isn’t a terribly enchanting automobile to drive.

Vauxhall Insignia GSi Sports Tourer - dash

At slightest we don’t remove any of a Insignia’s practicality by opting for this flagship model. It’s each bit as spacious, versatile and easy as a unchanging Sports Tourer, and it gets lots of pack enclosed as customary as well.

The difficulty is, it all comes during a high price. Costing only bashful of £34,500, this is a many costly indication in a Insignia line-up. It carries a £4,500 reward over an Elite Nav version, in fact, and costs about a same as several competitors wearing some-more prestigious badges than a Vauxhall.

What’s more, obtuse Insignia Sports Tourers still demeanour good, are good versed and expostulate really easily – arguably even improved than a GSi, if comfort is your priority – so we can get all that’s good about an Insignia for a lot reduction money.

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