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New Toyota Supra antecedent review

There is still some time to wait before Toyota reveals the all-new Supra at a 2019 Detroit Motor Show. But this didn’t forestall Gazoo Racing – a firm’s motorsport multiplication obliged for building a automobile – from permitting us to expostulate a lightly-disguised antecedent in a hills above Madrid progressing this month.

The deception hang does a good pursuit of disguising a some-more perplexing sum of a Supra’s coupe body. Yet closer investigation reveals an assertive pattern carrying a series of motorsport- desirous styling touches, such as a cooling ducts, double-domed roof, aero wings and a behind diffuser incorporating a really cold LMP1-inspired high-intensity light. This is deliberate, too, since Toyota – or rather Gazoo – is also building a GTE-spec Supra competition car.

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Gazoo has worked tough on a proportions of a Supra, focusing on achieving a wheelbase-to-track ratio it says is ideally matched for a sports car.

Toyota Supra antecedent - rear

Combine this with 50:50 weight distribution, achieved by installing the BMW-sourced turbocharged 3.0-litre straight-six as distant behind as probable in the engine bay, and Toyota proudly claims a Supra is a genuine front-mid-engined sports car.

The engine – along with a eight-speed involuntary gearbox – is one of usually 6 components a Supra will share with a German half-brother, BMW’s new Z4.

From a impulse we lay in a Supra, it feels only right. There’s a prodigy of being sat on tip of a behind spindle (you’re flattering tighten to doing so) and that rising carp stretches out forward like a sports automobile of old. Legs straight, steering circle pulled to your chest, arms bent, and a Supra embraces you. It sounds good, too. The straight-six isn’t theatrically vocal, though has a abyss to it that will be visitor to Toyota GT86 owners.

First impressions of a Supra are of a precisely-balanced car; a active dampers determining a representation and bend with a gloss of a Porsche 718 Cayman. Its steering is linear and purify in a action, permitting we to fast build certainty in a chassis.

Once loaded, it feels good within a comfort zone, and some-more than able of traffic with a around 300bhp Toyota says a Supra’s engine produces. It feels as discerning as a Cayman GTS and as accurate as an Alpine A110.

Toyota Supra antecedent - Stu Gallagher driving

We also attempted a Supra on track. Here, a steering and framework upsurge as one; a latter requiring small improvement or additional inputs once you’ve committed to a corner, a former feeling impossibly planted and accurate in both middle and high-speed instruction changes.

Combine these attributes with Brembo brakes that are absolute and easy to modulate, and a Supra leaves we a small bit in astonishment of what Toyota and Gazoo have achieved. We wanted it to be good, though maybe weren’t awaiting it to be so involving. It feels like a pristine sports car.

From a initial drive, it’s already transparent that when we try a finished Supra in prolongation guise subsequent spring, a 718 Cayman, Alpine A110, Audi TT RS and Ford Mustang GT will need to be prepared for a really tough quarrel indeed.

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