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New Toyota Camry antecedent review

The Toyota Camry has not been seen in British dealers given 2004, when a arise of diesel held a petrol-focused tellurian tavern on a bound and a Japanese manufacturer inaugurated to concentration on a European-market Avensis instead. Now a Camry name is about to make a lapse to British dealers – thanks, ironically, to a stream down-swing on diesel sales. And Auto Express has had an early ambience of a prototype, forward of sales starting in a initial entertain of 2019.

The initial thing we notice about a Camry is that it’s not during all a approach inheritor for a Avensis (production of that has strictly ceased). Toyota’s British-built opposition for a Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia had stayed during roughly a same distance via a life, though a Camry is an altogether bigger beast. Indeed, during 4,885mm, it’s longer than a already-huge Ford – a thoughtfulness of a fact that this indication is a outrageous seller in a United States, where it needs to contest opposite other ‘mid-sized sedans’.

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The new indication is formed on a same Toyota New Global Architecture – in effect, a set of framework components and common tools that we’ve already gifted in all from a stream Prius to a C-HR crossover. In simple terms, it means a new Camry is a front-wheel-drive tavern with MacPherson struts during a front finish and a double-wishbone blueprint during a rear.

It’s also a hybrid – and usually a hybrid, if you’re a European customer. American Camrys come with V6 or 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol power, though we’re usually being offering a same 2.5 four-pot as partial of an electrified set-up that produces 215bhp – enough, Toyota claims, for a 0-62mph time of 8.3 seconds and a tip speed of 112mph.

The European Camry has had a passage and a tuck in a right places over a American cousins – a aloft category of cabin materials throughout, opposite settings for a energy steering, and retuned suspension, including what a car’s arch operative Masato Katsumata calls “a some-more costly startle absorbers”.

Toyota believes that larger approval of hybrid powertrains could lead some-more buyers to cruise a Camry on potency grounds, and on paper during least, it should be in a ballpark for a class. Engineers are presaging central normal expenditure could be around 66mpg, with CO2 emissions of 100g/km – nonetheless this still needs to be subjected to a worse WLTP economy tests.

Toyota Camry rear

The trade-off for this debasement in Toyota variety of aged has tended to be a sincerely sterile, binary pushing experience, though a Camry is serve explanation that a organisation is chipping divided during this compromise. It is not a final word in motorist involvement, though formed on a brief expostulate on churned roads nearby Barcelona, a Camry is comfortable, polished cruising ride – and while a distance and weight (around 1.7 tonnes) meant it’s not utterly as light on a feet as, say, a punchy petrol 508, it is predicted adequate for we to gaunt on it in corners.

The steering has a gratifying heft to it, and it responds in a quick, linear conform as we pierce divided from a true ahead. And a physique control is clever for a automobile that does such a good pursuit of dialling out highway imperfections; there’s not most hurl to pronounce of in twistier sections of road.

The powertrain still has a intensity to send revs skyrocketing if we unexpected need it to get a pierce on – though even this is a reduction visit occurrence than Toyota variety of old. At a solid 70mph, you’ll only notice a pointer on a left side of a instrument row dropping down into ‘Eco’ to prove that a petrol engine has been switched off – and a demeanour in that a complement is means to flog it behind in is impressively smooth. Even when a engine is using during motorway speeds, it’s not intrusive, and highway sound is also easily suppressed.

Toyota Camry interior

The Toyota’s wheelbase is 2,825mm – longer than a Insignia’s though 25mm down on a Mondeo’s. In unsentimental terms there’s space for 4 six-footers to lay in reasonable comfort, with copiousness of knee and headroom.

The foot is a decent distance too, during 524 litres (a Mondeo induce manages 541) – nonetheless it’s value remembering that a Camry is a saloon, not a hatchback, so even if we do reduce a behind seats, a distance of object could good be singular by a orifice into a bucket bay. No estate chronicle of a automobile is planned, incidentally; there aren’t adequate intensity sales to clear a growth bill.

Toyota is still thrashing out final specifications though given a firm’s medium targets for Camry sales in a UK, we’d design it to concentration on higher-end editions. That’s expected to meant a identical interior finish to a exam car, that had double-stitched, padded materials in roughly all a right places and a logical, if somewhat button-heavy blueprint in a center of a facia. It feels a compare for Mondeo or Insignia, nonetheless a likes of a VW Passat and a stirring Peugeot 508 might offer a somewhat some-more upmarket feel.

The infotainment complement in a automobile was undergoing fine-tuning though it looks to us like a crisp, manageable touchscreen that could be compromised by a silken front cloaking that breeds reflections. It’ll be engaging to see, too, if this is finally a Toyota that during slightest offers a intensity for a user to bypass a firm’s possess systems and switch to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. There’s no pointer of it only yet.

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