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New Renault Megane RS 2018 review

It feels as if we’ve had to wait a prolonged time for a new Renault Megane RS. The customary induce was launched behind in 2015 and from that indicate a doubt on everybody’s lips has been: “When is a RS coming?”

A small over dual years on and Renault Sport has finally delivered, wading into a prohibited induce marketplace packed with talent; a Honda Civic Type R, Hyundai i30 N and VW Golf GTI are usually a handful of a means cars a Megane RS has to face adult to.

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The visitor also has large boots to fill since of a success, recognition and value offering by a predecessor. Key to that model’s success was a relations simplicity; it was lightweight, front-wheel drive, had a poignant primer gearbox and a peaceful 2.0-litre engine.

Renault Megane R.S. - rear

On paper, during least, a lot of a prior Megane RS’s values have filtered by to a new model. Sure, it’s some-more powerful, interjection to a new 276bhp, 390Nm 1.8-litre turbo. But in a automobile we’re pushing here it’s bending adult to a new six-speed dual-clutch involuntary gearbox. A primer delivery is also available, though.

What’s also new to a RS (and a initial in a prohibited hatch) is four-wheel steering, that Renault calls 4CONTROL. It’s designed to boost lively during low speeds and fortitude during high speeds. But it also adds about 30kg of weight; a RS tips a beam during 1,430kg, that creates it heavier than a Type R.

As before, dual framework set-ups are available: Sport and Cup. You can spec possibly with a primer or automobile gearbox. The Sport framework is a customary set-up and kits a RS out with redesigned hydraulic startle absorbers and torque vectoring on a front axle.

Renault Megane R.S. - dash

Opt for a Cup chassis, that should set we behind around £1,500 to £2,000, and Renault throws in a automatic limited-slip differential and 10 per cent stiffer dampers. At a finish of a year a association will launch a some-more manly Trophy chronicle of a car, that promises 296bhp and 400Nm of torque from a same motor.

Our initial drive, in Sport-chassis spec with a dual-clutch gearbox, reveals that in Comfort or Normal mode you’d be tough pulpy to tell a disproportion between a customary Megane and a RS in terms of refinement. It’s quiet, well-spoken and impossibly compliant.

As a highway tightens, toggling by Sport and Race modes creates all a small some-more aggressive. The engine note is synthetically pumped by a cabin’s speakers, though it sounds convincing, while crackles and bangs explode from a empty when changeable down gears.

The six-speed dual-clutch automobile reacts immediately to your each command; a box is means to burst gears on a approach down by a ratios if we lift and reason a left paddle in Sport or Race mode. It’s a contrition a paddles don’t work with a gratifying click, though; instead they’re a bit soothing and mushy.

Renault Megane R.S. - full front tracking

The steering isn’t packed with feel, though it’s sharp, and total with a Megane’s four-wheel steering, it gives this prohibited induce gymnast levels of agility.

Below 62mph in Race mode, a behind wheels spin in a conflicting instruction from a fronts to boost turn-in; we can feel a behind finish start to pitch turn and a nose tuck into a corner.

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Initially it turns in so quick that it roughly catches we off guard. But when we get on a throttle, since a Sport framework usually has torque vectoring rather than a correct diff, we can feel a RS scrabbling divided during a asphalt.

Renault Megane R.S. - side action

It doesn’t seem as quick as a Type R off a mark, nor as punchy when we get going, though with a 40bhp and 50kg necessity over a Honda that’s to be expected. The engine itself pulls strongly and uniformly from 2,000rpm adult to around 6,000rpm where many of a work is done. Renault claims a 5.8-second 0-62mph time for a RS – one tenth down on a Civic.

Where a Megane unequivocally excels is a ability to cover rough and rutted belligerent during speed with genuine composure. The hydraulic application stops propitious to all startle absorbers concede a RS to catch highway undulations though any fuss. The physique control is superb.

We did get a brief ambience of a firmer Cup framework and a primer gearbox, though usually for 3 laps on track. More time on a highway is required, though it’s already transparent it’s a improved essence of Megane; energy is put down clean and a front finish finds some-more punch interjection to a limited-slip diff. Add in a honeyed and accurate primer gearbox and it feels like a correct Renault Sport product.

Visually, a RS also cuts a distinguished figure on a road, a hunker position emphasised by prominent arches housing pleasing 19-inch amalgamate wheels.

The cabin is some-more patchy; there are adequate RS flourishes, like a Alcantara steering circle and bucket seats, to give it a clarity of occasion. But a CO fibre-effect doorway fabrics, and some of a lurch plastics, demeanour and feel cheap.

Interior space is satisfactory during best. There’s decent headroom for those in a back, though a low bucket seats take a satisfactory bit of knee room. So while we can lay 3 in a behind (unlike a Type R, that usually has dual behind seats), we substantially wouldn’t wish to for long.

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