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New Porsche Cayenne S 2018 review

The third-generation Porsche Cayenne promises some-more comfort, improved excellence and some-more tech, as good as an even crook pushing knowledge – yet can it broach on UK roads? 

There are 4 petrol-powered Cayennes to select from, travelling a customary 336bhp 3.0-litre V6 by to a range-topping Turbo with a 543bhp V8. In between, you’ll find a 455bhp plug-in e-Hybrid, and this: a 434bhp twin-turbo V6 Cayenne S.

Aside from a Turbo, a S is a many costly Cayenne on sale. At £68,330, it costs £1,202 some-more than a e-Hybrid. So it contingency be quicker, right? Er, no. It’ll do 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds, that is dual tenths of a second slower than a heavier hybrid. Strange… 

Porsche Cayenne S - rear

So a S seems like a bit of a purposeless indication in a range. But how does a rest of a Cayenne smoke-stack up? In short: brilliantly. Whereas prior Porsche models have come adult brief when it comes to float comfort, a new indication is a distant some-more agreeable and convincing proposition. 

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Despite a all-round multi-link suspension, a Cayenne still won’t slip over bumps. This is a sportiest of sports application vehicles, after all, so we design a plain tie with a road. But a new 4D framework control with adaptive atmosphere chambers has taken comfort adult a notch, so you’ll now arrive during your end influenced rather than shaken. 

In S trim, this is a automobile that weighs a shade over dual tonnes, nonetheless it feels darty and flexible from behind a wheel. The steering feels pithy and responsive, and it’s tough to detect any physique hurl – interjection in partial to a Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control electronic hurl stabilisation system. All this in annoy of a fact a latest Cayenne stands during roughly 1.7m tall. 

If we spec a Sport Chrono Package you’ll get a dial on a steering circle to select between Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus or Individual expostulate modes, permitting we to personalise a automobile to your preferred settings. A symbol in a centre will maximize engine performance, too. 

Porsche Cayenne S - dash

The dual turbos do their bit to make a V6 manageable from any revs, while a engine note is only about growly adequate to sound interesting. Take things easy, however, and it’s nearby adequate as still as any SUV during this price.

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Sadly, even during cruising speed we didn’t conduct to compare a claimed 30.1mpg; low to mid-20s was nearer a normal – serve personification into a e-Hybrid’s hands. The high CO2 emissions won’t unequivocally impact private buyers, yet safeguard a S falls serve out of foster for association automobile drivers. 

Porsche Cayenne S - side

Porsche continues to run Audi tighten when it comes to interior quality, and a Cayenne is really good put together. The organisation has given a cabin a finish tech makeover, too, with a lovely, flush-fitting 12.3-inch HD touchscreen in a centre of a dashboard. In front of a motorist sits a common big, bold, analogue rev counter, yet it’s now flanked by dual seven-inch full-HD displays.

As is also normal in a Porsche, there’s a bit of symbol overkill on a centre console, and conjunction a touchscreen nor a other controls are as easy to use as in opposition models. Apple CarPlay is available, that creates life easier, yet tough fitness if we use a Google-powered phone, as Android Auto isn’t nonetheless supported. Porsche Connect will assistance we make a many of ownership, yet – and substantially sell we some some-more apps, too. 

The Cayenne stays a Porsche for families, however. Rivals might be accessible with 7 seats, yet by avoiding a thought of a third row, a Cayenne offers decent space for 5 adults. The foot extends from 770 to 1,710-litres with a prosaic and far-reaching bucket entrance, as well.

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