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New Porsche 911 Carrera T 2018 review

Porsche is aiming to put a flicker behind into a unchanging 911 operation with this: a Carrera T. It’s a indication that offers no some-more energy than standard, though instead achieves larger opening by weight rebate and an extended specification. That’s a classical recipe that Porsche has used many times over a years, so expectations are naturally high. 

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Based on a customary Carrera, rather than a some-more absolute Carrera S, a T facilities a same 365bhp, 3.0-litre flat-six engine, and is accessible with possibly a seven-speed primer or seven-speed PDK involuntary gearbox.

Unsurprisingly, a involuntary is quicker over a 0-62mph sprint, recording a 4.2-second time opposite a primer car’s 4.5 seconds. However, a ethos and reduce weight of a primer choice seems some-more in line with a T’s brief, and it also gets a traction enhancing limited-slip differential that isn’t accessible for PDK-equipped cars.


Porsche is a tiny decorous about a accurate weight saving on a T model, simply observant that compared to a Carrera “of identical specification” it is 20kg lighter – nonetheless a tangible quoted total are customarily 5 kilos apart. That doesn’t sound like a good deal, and private from a automobile that weighs tighten to 1,500kg, it isn’t.

The rebate is due to lighter potion for a behind window and behind side glass, a dismissal of a behind seats (although we can put them behind during no additional cost) and a deficiency of some of a sound-proofing material. You can also select to have no radio or infotainment during all, if listening to a engine is your song of choice.

The other component of a T’s interest is how Porsche has manipulated a selection sheet. The Carrera T has a aforementioned differential and a 20mm reduce non-static cessation setup (PASM Sport), conjunction of that can be specced on a Carrera – customarily a pricier Carrera S.

It also has a choice of active rear-wheel steering, that is customarily usually accessible as an choice on a S, while a differently discretionary sports empty is customary on a T. It’s all a bit confusing, though a outcome is loosely how a pushing fan competence spec a Carrera if given giveaway rein with a options list.

The Carrera T positively looks a part, with a subtly some-more assertive front bumper, a 20-inch wheels from a Carrera S in grey and wing mirrors to match. You’ll also find Carrera T book on a doors and a engine cover, too. Inside there are singular fabric inserts for a seats, a shorter rigging push with red change blueprint and several other Carrera T-specific detailing.

The T is somewhat noisier in a cabin a customary car, quite with a empty in a louder setting, though a differences aren’t that great. Neither, in all honesty, is that weight rebate quite noticeable.

And while Porsche has condensed a gearing slightly, it’s not drastically opposite in reality. What you’re left with, then, is a 911 Carrera sensory to a finer indicate around a options list – definition it’s a really beguiling automobile to expostulate indeed.

The turbo engine has some-more than adequate opening for a road, and a 911 still feels customarily about tiny adequate that it can be classed a sports car, not a GT. This healthy weildiness is complimented by a framework that’s unflappable, whatever a highway aspect or dilemma in your path, with accurate steering and really clever cornering grip. The T is set-up to demeanour after you, and with a advantage of a electronic fortitude systems it’s probable to take genuine liberties with it and not fear any detriment of control.

While a seven-speed primer might not be one of Porsche’s finest, it still has a pretty approach change mechanism, and such is a engine’s impression that it can be run to a redline notwithstanding being turbocharged. It’s useable, unsentimental (for two), and even gentle on a prolonged journey. But there’s customarily something blank to spin a good automobile into a truly good one.


At £85,576 a T is extremely some-more income than a simple Carrera (£77,891), and customarily a tiny approach brief of a some-more powerful, 414bhp, £87,335 Carrera S. The latter would need a tiny some-more spent on it to move a framework into line with a concentration of a T, though it’s an appealing alternative.

The Carrera T positively has a singular demeanour to it, though it’s value observant it’s a unchanging prolongation indication – and not one built in singular numbers.

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