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New Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2018 facelift review

To contend it’s a warn that a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is still a usually flattering affordable plug-in hybrid SUV on sale is something of an understatement. 

It’s been around given 2013, nonetheless no other manufacturer has nonetheless constructed a approach opposition in a sub-£40,000 cost joint – a essential figure for association automobile taxation rates. Given that a Outlander is a biggest offered plug-in hybrid automobile in both a UK and Europe, it’s a flattering large bandwagon that others have clearly missed. Probably since it rolled silently by in EV-mode. 

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But it won’t be prolonged before that changes. There are some-more costly alternatives already – a Volvo XC60 T8, for instance – and a Kia Niro plug-in offers SUV character on a smaller scale. As such, Mitsubishi has seen fit to give a eco challenger a spruce-up.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - side

There are some large changes underneath a skin hybrid-wise, with usually a front electric engine carried over from a existent layout. A new back motor, generator, increasing battery ability and new petrol engine all underline for a initial time. The latter is a 2.4-litre pile – holding a place of a aged 2.0-litre unit. There’s some-more energy (133bhp contra 119bhp) and some-more torque (at 211Nm contra 190Nm), while a back electric motor’s outlay has also increased, from 81bhp to 94bhp. 

As before, a Outlander works primarily as a permanent four-wheel expostulate EV, with a petrol engine usually directly pushing a front wheels underneath complicated acceleration. The rest of a time, a inner explosion engine – now handling on a Atkinson cycle for larger potency – acts as a generator to tip adult a battery. 

The tweaks are pronounced to urge potency while also boosting performance. Based on a same NEDC contrast procession as a aged car, CO2 emissions have forsaken 1g/km to 40g/km, and fuel expenditure stands during 156.9mpg. However, on a latest, some-more difficult WLTP tests, a central total are 46g/km and 141.2mpg. EV operation on a latest cycle is claimed to be 28 miles. 

In a back-to-back exam opposite a prior model, it’s transparent a new powertrain is an improvement. In full-EV mode a automobile feels perkier, and a additional torque of a bigger engine means that it doesn’t worker as many underneath tough acceleration. But it sounds only as upsetting when it does. 

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New welding processes have strengthened a chassis, and a cessation has been tweaked to match, bringing extrinsic improvements to float comfort and refinement. The revised steering setup is lighter, some-more accurate and quicker than before. 

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - dash

Regardless of a updates, this still isn’t a automobile to be hurried. It feels really complicated by a turns and there’s some-more physique hurl than you’ll find in many other SUVs. The float manages to be both utterly floaty during aloft speeds and a bit oppressive over severe stretches. 

Unlike a automatic tweaks, it’ll take a critical Outlander anorak to mark a cosmetic changes. The haze lamps are block rather than round, a grille is subtly reshaped, there’s a new circle pattern (still 18 inches), and a bigger back wing. But feedback from existent business pronounced that they didn’t wish change here, so that’s that. 

More consummate interior updates wouldn’t have left astray though. There’s a revised digital arrangement between a dials, new trim inserts and some repositioned switches, though that’s about it. Top spec models get a set of really comfy quilted seats, too. Compared to many SUVs, and indeed other plug-in hybrids, a pattern is looking a small antiquated now. Build peculiarity feels plain enough, though there’s utterly a few inexpensive plastics – around a glovebox and centre console, for example.

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