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New Mercedes X-Class 2018 review

Mercedes has taken a event to block one of a increasingly singular gaps in a sprawling product portfolio by entering a tellurian one-tonne pick-up lorry marketplace with a X-Class. It joins a three-pointed star blurb automobile operation in a UK where a enlightened taxation sequence for double-cab trucks should see it strike a utterly musical chord with tiny business owners and association automobile users.

On a face of it, Mercedes’ devise with regards to a X-Class looks watertight. One-tonne trucks are large business globally and burgeoning markets in Russia, South America, South Africa and Australia tip a new truck’s strike list. Mercedes has a SUV, off-roader and blurb automobile imagination to make a good fist of a application automobile charity a versatile mix of qualities, too. What could go wrong?

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It’s a good doubt yet a initial expostulate of a X-Class – in Chile no reduction – did chuck adult a integrate of possibilities. Now we’ve attempted a lorry in a UK for a initial time to find out how it unequivocally compares to determined rivals like a Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux, VW Amarok and Nissan Navara.

Mercedes X-Class examination - rear

And a Navara is a engaging one here since rather than bringing exclusively and a possess record to bear on a X-Class, Mercedes struck a understanding with a Renault-Nissan Alliance. As a result, a new lorry shares a height with a Navara, and a sister automobile a Renault Alaskan. At launch, a engines are a same, too.

Although Mercedes points to countless changes it’s done to compute a X-Class, both involuntary and cosmetic, this is a plea it faces. Can it remonstrate a UK marketplace that it’s value a reward Mercedes is charging over other pick-up options? 

The X-Class opens during £32,772 for a entry-level X 220 d various in Prime trim so we can get a Nissan Navara with a same engine and identical selection for over £6,000 less.

Mercedes X-Class examination - front grille

We gathering a X 250 d though, that indication swaps a 161bhp 2.3-litre diesel engine and 6-speed primer gearbox for a 187bhp chronicle with a twin-stage turbo and a seven-speed automatic. Torque is increased from 403Nm to 450Nm and a cost increases to £36,612 for a Progressive spec indication or £40,920 for a Power trim we tried. The age of a £40,000 pick-up lorry has dawned.

So a X-Class isn’t inexpensive yet it has a ridicule good go during justifying a cost tag. Mercedes is lustful of revelation us that a X-Class is a initial pick-up from a reward manufacturer and, we have to say, it does demeanour a part. The confidant three-pointed star during a centre of a grille, a squinting headlamps and a large circle arches that light to encase a lane that’s wider than a Navara’s all supplement to a truck’s commanding participation on a road.

Inside, a tip partial of a lurch draws elements from a Mercedes newcomer automobile tools bin with a pointy instrument cluster, leather-trimmed steering circle and a now-familiar atmosphere vents modelled on jet engines. All models also get a seven-inch executive arrangement shade with menus tranquil by a dial on a console between a seats. As we rise a range, increasingly upmarket materials and finishes are combined to a indicate that this blurb automobile successfully mimics a demeanour of one of a brand’s newcomer SUVs. 

Mercedes X-Class examination - interior

But it doesn’t utterly lift it off. Look reduce on a dash, around a rigging shifter or down a doorway inserts and you’ll find some less-than-classy plastics, not to discuss switchgear that reminds we of a X-Class’s Nissan roots. There’s a miss of storage space aside from a executive bin and shoal doorway pockets, too. This is a best peculiarity interior in a UK marketplace pick-up lorry by some domain yet it falls next reward newcomer automobile standards. 

That’s also a story elsewhere with a Mercedes X-Class. As good as widening a track, Mercedes has retuned a cessation and combined poignant strengthening to a chassis. It shows on a highway where a large Mercedes controls a weight by instruction changes and over undulations intensely good compared to a pick-up rivals.

The steering weight is good judged and there’s nothing of a obscurity some trucks humour from. The additional soundproofing has paid dividends, too, since small diesel rumble creates a approach into a cab and breeze sound during speed is good contained.

On a downside, that normal jumpy pick-up float over bad highway surfaces persists and performance, even from a some-more absolute four-cylinder engine, won’t lift any eyebrows. Although a seven-speed gearbox is smooth, it’s infrequently delayed to change down and stifle response isn’t utterly sharp.

Mercedes X-Class examination - bucket brook open

0-62mph takes 11.8 seconds while a tip speed is 109mph and that’s for a 2,234kg X-Class on a own, but any of a 1,066kg slight cargo on board. That estimable kerb weight doesn’t assistance economy with a 35.8mpg figure lagging behind a homogeneous Navara’s 40.4mpg. At slightest additional grunt is on a approach in a form of a X-Class X 350 d and a V6 diesel that’s set to arrive in mid-2018. 

Otherwise, a Mercedes X-Class is one of a many unsentimental double-cab trucks on a marketplace with a three-seat back dais that can accommodate dual 6’ passengers behind front chair occupants of a same stature. The bucket bed is usefully square, 1,587mm prolonged and 1,569mm wide, helped by a fact that a X-Class is 40mm longer than a Nissan Navara. The lorry can draw a 3,500kg braked trailer and there’s a somewhat peculiar electrically-operated induce in a cabin’s back window that longer items, or a dog’s head, can poke through.

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